Teresa Gets Caught, Hubby Gets It All On Film


Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. Teresa talked her husband into getting a dog after playing with them a few times with me and at a couple parties. She thought that having one at home when she needed one would be the best thing to do.
Well, her German Shephard, Tango, was her perfect solution. He is a medium sized dog but very well endowed and he is really a big puppy and she was able to train him to do what she wanted him to do.
She began training him to lick her and to let her massage him till his hips were jerking in passion. Then she took him orally and finally got him to mount her whenever she needed to have him. She made a video for us and had brought it over and we watched it several times as Tango sat next to her close. Then last week, she came home and hubby had papers for her to sign or be exposed. She came in and he made sure eveyone (the kids) were gone. He put the video in and sat there as she watched all she had done with Tango. Sucking him, swallowing his cum, playing with him naked and laying down for him to enter her pussy and ass and one day, another dog that Tango had brought home took her too as Tango mounted her the other was taken into her mouth. Hubby made her a copy and gave it to her after she signed the papers and began moving out. He said it was "for her friends and other lovers. "
The catch to the whole thing was that she had come over to get some final things and he slipped her something in a coke. She felt dizzy and then she was undressed with men all over her.

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   She was caught in the passion of the gang bang and remembered what had happened and there he was watching and filming again. She tried to get up but was tied down and men kept coming in and fucking her in every hole, all of them drunk and all not caring except to get off. Finally, there were about 10 or so guys.

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