My Special Occasion


I was still a virgin, at least technically, when I turned 18 my senior year in high school. I had let boys play with my body and even take my panties off and put their fingers in me -- oh how good that felt -- but I had never gone all the way. My girl friend Amy and I were also experimenting, but that's another story. My limits were frustrating the boys I knew and, well, it was affecting my social life. Being 5'10 didn't help either. Anyway, I was a woman now and I wanted to be a real woman. I wanted my first time to be special, and there was a special man I wanted to share that with me.
I had had a crush on Mark  He grew up next door and I would often stand at the fence and talk to him when he was out in the yard mowing or working. Trouble was, he was 10 years older and I don't think he ever thought seriously about going out with me. I could tell he found me attractive as I blossomed from a flat chested bean sprout to a 34 C with shoulder length black hair, nice hips and a flat tummy. But by that time, he had a live in girl friend and I know Shelly was keeping him happy.
My folks invited a lot of neighborhood people over to the house for my 18th birthday. Mark's folks, Mark and Shelly came too. Mark went to the bathroom at one point, and I hatched my plan. As he was coming out, I headed in there myself and passed him in the hall. We stood there, isolated by the din of the others, and he remarked at how lovely I had become and how proud he was to hear how I was doing in school.

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   I was pretty scared, but I managed to say, "You know Mark that I'm still a virgin?" A tear was coming down my cheek. He looked stunned and couldn't talk. Then, "Will you be my first lover? I've always wanted it to be you. " I couldn't even keep looking in his eyes. He started to protest, "But you know . . . Shelly . . . " He was having trouble putting words together. Then, "I'd love that. " "Oh thank you thank you. " and I ran into the bathroom, where I broke down and cried.
We managed to work out a plan.

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   We would meet in the parking lot of a local mall, area H2, at 1 in the afternoon. I went there dressed in a short red skirt and a loose angora sweater. He had on a sports coat and tie -- he took the afternoon off but didn't tell Shelly. He drove me to a downtown hotel where he had reserved a room. He parked in the underground lot and left me to go up and check in. I was so nervous sitting there waiting. When he came back down to the car to get me, we took the elevator up to the lobby -- such a beautiful place -- he had gone all out -- crossed over to the main elevator and he punched 11. On the way up, I was wrapped in his arms kissing him for the first time in all those years. I'll remember the room number, 1118, forever. Those were the years in my ages I had had a crush on him.
The door closed. He kissed me on the forehead, and the cheeks, and on the tip of my nose. Then he lifted my chin and kissed me on the mouth, a long, deep kiss as he pulled me against him and crushed his hard organ against my tummy. Then his hands started to carress my chest through my sweater as he stood back slightly to admire me. He was so handsome, 6'3, maybe 200 lbs, strong. 

   Then he pulled up my sweater and saw I had a sheer blouse on with no bra. My nipples were up and I have nice brown areola around them and he just touched them with the tips of his fingers.
I started to undress him, too, but he said, "No this is for you this time. " He was so gentle and so unrushed. He touched my nipples for maybe five minutes before he even tookoff my blouse. Then he was kissing them and gently licking them with my blouse open. He unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor before he even took off my blouse. I felt his hand slide over my silky panties and then his mouth kissing me there, taking me all in his mouth. Oh god.
Then he slid my panties to the floor and I stepped out of them. He stood up and just looked at me naked except for my open blouse and he had only lost his coat and tie at this point. "You are so beautiful," he said. I felt beautiful, too, standing there, beautiful and sexy and a virgin. Then he undressed himself in front of me while I played with my breasts through the silky fabric of my blouse. His cock seemed so big, I couldn't imagine it inside me, but I wanted it too.

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He came over to me and put his cock between my legs, front to back along my slit. It felt so wonderful and I was so wet as he slid it back and forth and kissed me deeply. It seemed symbolic when he slid my blouse off and picked me up and carried me over to the bed. Somehow he had already pulled down the covers and put a towel there.
He started over by kissing my ankles, and my calves and my knees, and my thighs. As he got closer, he was licking more than kissing. I was moaning by the time I felt his tongue in the crack between my pussy and my leg. Then he spent the longest time just licking my pussy lips. Slowly I felt his tongue on the soft lining between my lips and then -- i didn't know it then -- but he found my clit with his tongue and his fingers were just inside me on the top of my vagina. I was cummming cummmming. It was so strong, stronger than anything I had felt with boys and their fingers.
Funny thing was, he asked me right then, "Do you still want to do this?" I couldn't talk. I just shook my head yes with my mouth wide and my eyes fixed in his. I felt the tip of his cock in my opening. He played with me there for a while and it was causing me to spasm and buck.

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   I finally needed more. In a voice I didn't recognize, I just said, "Now Mark" I felt a sharp pain as my virginity gave way and his cock plunged into me. God God God. His plunges were hurting but felt wonderful. We had chosen the time just before my period so I could have the real thing and for the first time in my life a man's cum filled me. A couple of times he asked, "Are you ok, should I stop?" but I had to have it. And even after he came, he continued as long as he could. And when he went limp, he still stayed inside me as he kissed me lovingly, carressed my breasts and just held me close.
We stayed in that room all afternoon. I don't know how many times we made love, but only after the first time did he let me carress him and kiss him and take him in my mouth. I knew guys liked that but had never done it. I had tasted my fingers before, but there was a new taste, a wonderful taste.
Of course, the next day, I went to the nurses office and got a bunch of condoms and started having sex with the boys in school, including my prom date. Mark and I have been together a few times since then, but it was a long time before another man was able to treat me the way he had. I told Amy all about it, but I don't think anyone else in the world knows.

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