Dr. Carpenter's Further Education


Jane Carpenter looked thoughtfully at the mainly studious class of thirteen
Year olds that she was teaching. She had just caught two of the boys emerging
Furtively from the toilets and, upon sternly questioning them; she had
discovered one of the boys in possession of a quantity of dubious looking
tablets. Being a young teacher of only twenty-two, she was not too far removed
from the age where she knew about the various dubious substances schoolchildren
haphazardly used.

Marching them back into the classroom, she made the boys surrender the tablets
to her and demanded to know what they were.

"They're only GHB," muttered one of the boys sullenly.

Jane recognized the boys as Arthur Wright and James Pearce from her class,
Jane said "What? Did you speak Pearce? I think you'd better explain to me
what these tablets are, instead of having to explain to the principal. "

"It's true what James said Miss Carpenter," Arthur stammered. "They're GHB
tablets. They're sometimes called Rohypnol and they're supposed to make you
feel. . . feel. . . " Arthur's voice tailed off miserably and he blushed visibly.

Jane thought with some amusement that she knew what the boy was getting at.

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There was obviously the old tale going the rounds that these tablets were some
kind of aphrodisiac. Ms. Carpenter had vaguely heard of these tablets. She
understood that GHB stood for Gamma Hydroxybuterate. Jane thought wryly that
GHB did not have the same street-credibility sound-byte.

"Nonsense Arthur" Jane said with authority. A moment of insanity must have
caught Jane at that moment because, without even thinking about it she said,
"Look and learn. " Jane quickly swallowed two of the tablets and looked at the
two youths with a wry, slightly superior smile. She was well aware that some of the older boys had a crush on her, and used this to her advantage. "Don't you know there's no such thing as tablets to make you feel like making love?"

The boys looked distinctly uncomfortable at Jane's frank disclosure. Arthur couldn't look her in the eye. He'd had a crush on Miss Carpenter since she had come to the school last term and found her direct no nonsense approach excited his youthful sexuality.

Looking covertly at Miss Carpenter, he admired the cool sharp way that she wore her blue two-piece, the skirt coming sensibly down to her shapely knees that were encased in sheer nylons. Jane saw the look and knew that she had another admirer.

After rebuking the boys, and instructing them to attend the detention class after school hours, Jane dismissed the class and went to the teacher's common room.

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She discussed the case with the other teachers to their great amusement, apart
from Helen Mills who warned Jane that she had heard about GHB, and that it
could have some strange effects on people. "In fact I understand it can lead to
some very heavy scenes, if you know what I mean" she remarked, somewhat to
Jane's discomfort.

As Jane was preparing to leave, it being the end of the last period of the
day, Helen's sister, Beverly Mills asked Jane if she would mind taking the
detention class for her as she had an urgent appointment. "I thought that I'd be
OK" she declared "But it was your fault there was any class at all. There's only
your two boys in the class. "

Jane somewhat reluctantly agreed to take Beverly's detention class as she
was beginning to feel strange and a little light-headed.

Jane made her way to the gymnasium where the detention class was always
held. On the way she went in to the ladies room to freshen up. She was feeling a
little peculiar in a rather agreeable way, and took time to carefully apply her
make-up and a little expensive perfume behind each ear. She took out her
lipstick and, leaning against the sink in front of the mirror, slowly and
seductively painted her lips a light crimson.

Leaning against the smooth porcelain of the sink rim, the hard touch of it
making her vulva spasm with pleasure, Jane applied more than the usual amount
of blusher to her beautiful child like face before going into the gymnasium and
seating herself at the raised desk in front of the two boys.

By now, almost without Jane realizing it, she was feeling almost
desperately lascivious.

Looking at the two boys seated in front of her Jane crossed her nylon
covered legs and allowed the skirt to slip up her thighs slightly.

"I don't want you two boys to think that sex is something to giggle about in
the toilets. It's far too serious an emotion to trivialize as you seem to be

Arthur and his friend James looked a little too boldly at Jane's shapely
legs, causing a strange thrill to course through her.

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   She knew that they were
only thirteen year old boys but their frank admiration of her gave Jane a
sudden uncontrollable urge to tease them.

Instructing the two boys carry on writing out lines, Jane uncrossed her
legs underneath the desk, aware that they were looking covertly at them. Jane
was now experiencing strong, swelling sexual feelings she could neither explain
nor control.

She looked directly at the two boys as she slowly parted her legs wider and
wider, allowing her skirt to slip up her thighs and snag past the garter straps
securing her stockings. She knew that they would have a full view under the desk
of the leg-band of her powder blue knickers. Allowing her legs to remain wide
open she watched the two boys blush red, unable to drag their eyes away from the
enchanting view.

Jane now felt as if she had lost all control of the situation as urgent and
deep cravings seemed to possess her flesh. Her nylon covered knees began to
tremble as she relished the sight of the boys visible lust for her. She let her
right hand wander down to the hem of her skirt, now way above her stocking tops.
She pretended to try and pull the skirt to a more modest position. Suddenly
James, losing control of himself, burst out and said "Please Miss, don't cover
your legs up. "

Halting her movement, Jane declared "Why James? what are you talking about?
Do you mean to tell me I'm showing my knickers?"

James nodded mutely as Jane went on. "And you Arthur. Do you feel this need
to stare at my underclothes as well?" Jane was now almost squirming with
exhibitionist pleasure as she tortured the two boys with her teasing.

Arthur was squirming about on his seat most uncomfortably by now.

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   "Yes Miss
Carpenter" he blurted out, attempting to cover the front of his school uniform
trousers with his hands.

"You mean you like to look up my skirt as well? Look at my knickers when you
think I don't know? What on earth do you think you are doing with the front of
your trousers boy?" The last was rapped out as a sharp question.

"I'm sorry Miss. I can't help it. I'd just imagine what "its" like bare. "

Somewhat shocked by Arthur's candour Jane suddenly knew what had made the
boys so forward. "You've been taking them tablets the pair of you. True?"

Rather shamefaced James, a rather good looking black youth, admitted this was

"Right" Jane said. "Lets give you something to think about then shall we?
Before I begin Arthur, why don't you take your penis out if you are so

Blushing bright red Arthur unzipped his trousers. His small pulsating cock
sprang out to Jane's amused but intrigued gaze.

Jane stood up and moved her seat to the side of the desk. Walking around to
stand in front of it she took hold of the hem of her skirt and deliberately
pulled it up her nylon sheathed legs to her waist, displaying her powder blue
knickers for the lust filled eyes of the two boys.

"Now we shall have a lesson in biology shall we?" she remarked in a sultry
voice. "Would you like to see me pull my knickers down?" she breathed.

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"Oh yes please Miss" blurted James, his face now dark and flushed from
restraining himself. Arthur just sat there, his small member slowly seeping a
drop of semen.

Jane took hold of the elastic on either side of her hips and gradually
eased the knickers down. The boys watched as Jane's shaven cunt came into
view. Jane was also the gymnasium teacher and she had thought it proper to shave
off her pubic hair.

There was a tense silence from the two boys as Jane slid her knickers down
below her knees to her ankles. Sitting down in the seat Jane looked down at
her bared cunt and parted her knees for the boys to see.

"This is probably the first time you two have ever seen a female vagina isn't
it?" Jane enquired.

James nodded dumbly but Arthur didn't respond, he seemed to be out of control
by now as he gazed longingly at Jane's nakedness.

Widening her white thighs even more Jane inserted the middle finger of her
right hand into the moist crack. A loud groan came from Arthur and Jane
looked across at him to see that his little penis was quivering with small
spasmodic jerks, creamy liquid pulsing out.

Jane was now breathing rapidly as her finger squelched in and out of her
glistening cunt. She looked down at the sticky finger sliding in and out of her
vagina and started to moan as she pulled the slit wider with two fingers,
revealing the glistening pink inner lips to the two boys.

By now Jane had lost all control of herself. Without any prudent thought
she was intent only on satisfying these overpowering cravings.

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Taking hold of the lips of her cunt with both hands she curled her fingers
into her wet crack and pulled it wide open. "Kiss it James" she gasped. James
gingerly lowered himself to his knees in front of her. "Stick your tongue in and
I'll do anything for you" she pleaded, all control gone.

Gently taking hold of the back of James's head Jane pulled it against her
wet vagina and felt his hesitant tongue probing inside her.

After a few moments James gathered courage and pulled away. In a small voice
he said, "What will you do for me Miss?"

"Anything James. Just ask and I'll do it for you" panted Jane desperately.

"Stand up then" said James, suddenly quite bold.

Everything seemed to have got out of Jane's check. James had now
effectively taken control and was dealing with the situation with a grown-up

Jane had only one thought. She had satisfy this almost unbearable craving
that was demanding urgent gratification.

"Right Miss" James said with confidence. "If you really want to do something
for me , you'll have to do everything I demand without argument.

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"Oh yes" Jane concurred, too desperate to disagree. "Anything. Just help me
and I'll do anything you want. "

James made Jane pull her knickers up to cover her throbbing vagina. Her
skirt dropped to her knees as she moved to the middle of the gymnasium floor
whilst he dug out an exercise cane from one of the store cupboards.

Jane eyed the cane with a fearful masochistic thrill as James said "From
now on you'll call me Sir and I'll call you whatever I like, understood?"

"Y-Yes Sir" stammered Jane, stumbling on the unfamiliar reversal of roles.

"Right. Bend over and pull up your skirt again" James demanded.

Jane bent over and took hold of the hem of the skirt. She pulled it up her
legs to bunch around her waist, once again revealing her beautiful nylon covered
legs, her garter straps disappearing under the powder blue knickers that were
stretched tight over her posterior.

"I think you've been a naughty girl" said James, playing his own conception of
a stern schoolmaster. "Tell me you've been a naughty girl, taking our pills. You
deserve punishing don't you?"

Jane, still bending over, said in a muffled voice "I've been a naughty girl
Sir. Please punish me. "

"Hold your ankles" said James.

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Jane took hold of her slim ankles with each hand and waited with some
trepidation for the first blow to fall. She could see Arthur if she looked up,
still sitting in his seat in front of her. He was in an agony of frustration by
now. His little penis erupting as he eyed his schoolmistress in her state of
undress and degradation.

After a few seconds whilst Jane waiting with her eyes closed James's voice
came to her. "I don't think that that's quite right. You'll have to pull your
knickers down. Is that what you want to do. "

Jane, still feeling fearful and sexually aroused, said in a quavering voice
"Yes Sir. I'll pull my knickers down Sir. "

So saying Jane again took hold of her knickers and pulled them down over
her soft white posterior. When they were down to her knees she stopped and
grabbed her ankles again, thrusting her bare bottom up for James's inspection.

"Before I cane you, I want you to take Arthur in your mouth Bitch" said James

Jane teetered forward on her delicate high heeled sandals until she was
bent over the aroused Arthur. Gently she held his sticky penis and enclosed it
with her carmined lips.

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   Jane could feel Arthur tremble with excitement as he
came again and again into her mouth. Jane swallowed it, still waiting for the
first blow to fall.

James looked down at the soft, white backside of his teacher and thought
savagely. 'So you'd take our tablets from us would you? Well take this you
bitch. ' With that thought he brought the cane savagely down on Jane's naked

Again and again he wielded the cane bringing angry welts up on Jane's
white flesh. He could see her quivering and hear her muffled cries as she still
sucked desperately on Arthur's small stiff penis.

Tiring of the punishment James threw down the cane and commanded Jane to
stand up again.

Jane pulled away from Arthur and turned to James, her beautiful face flushed
and tear streaked as she looked submissively at him.

"I want you to talk dirty to us you cow. " Said James, quite at a loss in
seeking his own satisfaction.

Jane hesitated then said "Do you want to see me completely naked? I could
take all my clothes off and walk outside. Its getting dark but I'll be taking a
chance. Someone may see me. "

Whilst she was talking Jane was busy taking off her skirt.

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   "I want the
whole neighbourhood to see what a slut I am. I'll show them all my wet cunt as I
fuck myself with my fingers. "

James made Jane stop after shed removed her skirt. He childishly demanded
she should show them the hole of her anus.

Jane knelt on the floor in front of the two boys and, thrusting her
smarting backside up to them, she took hold of both her cheeks and pulled them
apart revealing the puckered tight little opening.

"Put your finger up your bottom?" was James's next demand.

Obeying this a sobbing Jane inserted the forefinger of her right hand into
her anus and started to work it frantically in and out.

She was nearly out of her mind with desire and lust as she screamed "Please
fuck me somebody. "

Collapsing onto her stomach in front of the two boys Jane opened her legs
wider, hoping that one of the boys would relieve the constant craving sensation
that was consuming her.

Neither of the two responded leaving Jane trembling and crying on the
floor. Suddenly James said to her "Do what you said before. . Take off all your
clothes, apart from your shoes. "

Jane stood up on shaking legs and began to remove the rest of her clothing.
Stepping out of the knickers, Jane slipped off her high heels to remove her
stockings and garter belt before replacing them.


   Naked now from the waist down,
Jane unbuttoned the two piece top and took it off. She then removed her lacy
blue blouse and stood revealed in just her brassiere and high heels.

Jane reached round to the clasp of her brassiere and unclipped it. Shrugging
the garment off her shoulders she released her tits.

Jane had always been slightly ashamed of them as they were quite small,
very small mounds that drooped slightly on either side of her rib cage and they
really didn't need the brassiere that supported them. They were tipped with
small pale pink nipples that now stood proud, jutting out from her white tits
and feeling unusually sensitive and tender.

Jane now stood completely naked in front of the two boys, her bottom
smarting from the punishment and her vulva swollen and glistening with need.

"Bend over bitch" commanded James.

Jane doubled over again and automatically grabbed her ankles. She thrilled
as she felt James slide something large into her cunt. It was a few moments
before she realised it was his throbbing cock. It was nothing like Arthur's
childish little penis. This was a fully developed black male penis and Jane
started to climax time after time as James's hot come shot into her heated

After James withdrew Jane went to retrieve her clothes but he stopped her
saying "No you don't bitch. These clothes will be great for my sister.

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   I want
you bare. I want you to drive Arthur and myself home now, and you'll do it bare.
Then you'll go home naked. OK?"

"Yes Sir that's what I said. I'll be completely naked for you. I must have my
handbag though as both my house keys and car keys are in there. You can keep the
rest of my clothes Sir. "

Jane went with the two boys to the main exit from the school and, without a
seconds hesitation, stepped out into the chill night air as naked as the day she
was born apart from her delicate high heeled sandals.

It was a cool autumn evening as they made their way across the sports field to
the car park and halfway across, James commanded Jane to stop and masturbate
herself out there in the open air.

Bending her knees slightly, Jane inserted the middle and forefingers of her
right hand into her wet cunt and plunged them in and out, bending over and
looking down at her shaven slit as she was manipulating it, her tiny tits
jiggling about as she got more and more excited. When she was through James gave
her a final slap on her bare, tender behind and they proceeded to Jane's car.

Now relishing her nakedness Jane drove the two boys home, first dropping
Arthur off at his house before taking James to his home, a rather run down house
in a small cul-de-sac. Getting out of the vehicle she stood nude in the night
air waiting for James before kissing him hungrily on the lips, letting her
tongue slide into his mouth as she felt her trembling wet cunt throb with an
urgent need.

James took a little time to explain how things were going to be between them
from now on. He explained how she would feel the need for the tablets again, and
how he was the only game in town as far as supply was concerned.

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Digesting these instructions for the day after, Jane then drove back to her
own home and, parking her car in the driveway, walked naked to her own front
door and let herself in.

Having showered and cleaned her teeth Jane retired for the night utterly

Chapter Two.

After a fitful nights sleep Jane awoke still under the influence of the GHB
drug, exactly as James had predicted. Keeping in mind James's wishes Jane
showered, then carefully chose her wardrobe.

She selected the flimsiest pair of white knickers and slipped them on over a
tiny garter belt that supported sheer stockings. Jane had deliberately
selected a smaller pair so the tops came just above her knees.

She chose a white semi-transparent petticoat that plunged daringly down to the
edges of a delicate white brassiere, loosely holding her tiny tender tits apart.
Jane's bottom was red from the beating she'd received but she hadn't bruised.
She was feeling the sexual craving of the day before but imprudently took two
more of the confiscated tablets with a glass of water.

Jane completed her wardrobe with a tight white skirt and matching three
quarter length jacket, the skirt dropping to her knees and hiding the rib of her
hose tops just above.

Jane buttoned first three or four buttons of the oriental collar of the
long jacket to prevent the low neckline of her petticoat from being exposed.
Slipping on a pair of white high heeled sandals she thought herself ready for

Arriving early at the school Jane asked the porter to accompany her to her
classroom. There she supervised as he moved the classroom furniture about to her

Thinking carefully how she could satisfy both herself and her willing
audience, Jane angled her desk towards the double desk on the front row.

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She'd had it placed specifically by the window for the two boys. The position
she'd arranged the furniture in made it possible for them to see under her desk
whilst no one else in the class would be able to.

At one stage the Headmaster popped in and Jane explained that she was
making sure that the two troublemakers would be under her gaze from now on. The
Head nodded his approval, looking at Jane far more intensely than normal.
Jane knew he'd noticed the change in her and she felt another sudden rush of
carnality flood her body.

Making sure that the Headmasters eyes were on her Jane appeared unaware as
she casually bent over, overtly to retrieve some books from the floor. She felt
her tight skirt rise at the back of her legs and knew the white skin of her
thighs above the tops of the nylons were exposed to his gaze.

Turning to face him she let the books slip from her hands and, averting her
eyes from him, she slowly squatted in front of him to retrieve them.

Looking up under her thick black eyelashes Jane could see his eyes fixed on
her beautiful spread legs, the skirt rucked halfway back down her thighs
revealing the flesh beyond the stocking tops. Making sure that he could see
everything, Jane parted her legs wider to allow the headmaster to see of the
narrow white band of her knickers barely covering her pulsating vagina.

Jane had a sudden inexplicable craving for the Headmaster to cane between
her legs. She could feel it so strongly that she experienced a sudden gush from
her vagina and her cheeks flushed red with ardour.

The Headmaster, seeing her blush and mistakenly thinking that Jane had
caught him looking at her knickers, forced his gaze away from the erotic sight.
The Headmaster then quickly opened the classroom door and left the room, very
much aroused by this new and exciting view he'd had of his young student

Having arranged the desks to her satisfaction Jane sat at her own and
waited for the first lesson of the day to begin.

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At nine-o-clock the children filed obediently into the classroom and took
their places at their new desks, Arthur and James seating themselves
complacently in front of her and staring pointedly at her legs under the desk.

The whole of the day was to be taken up by computer studies and a computer and
two keyboards had been placed on each double desk. From the master set on her
desk Jane typed out the instruction that she wanted each pupil to compose an
essay that she'd monitor from time to time. They were all connected to the
master set through "E" Mail. Only Jane could read all their messages and
reply on a one to one basis.

Almost immediately Jane's screen flicked into life. "Good morning Miss
Carpenter. I see you've got some more clothes now. "

Without even checking the source she typed "What do you want me to do?" As
Jane pressed the transmission key to the boys computer, she could see the
complacent looks of satisfaction on their faces. They were now assured that she
was still under their influence.

"Legs open wide again" was the terse reply.

Jane placed her feet wide apart and opened her legs as far as the tight
white skirt would allow. She looked straight at the two boys to gauge their
reaction. They were staring in open admiration straight up her skirt. Jane
kept her knees as wide as she could, enjoying the overpowering erotic thrill
that exhibitionism brings.

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   She knew the light from the window allowed the boys
to see her legs and knickers clearly. She'd inspected the leg band of the
knickers that morning and they were transparent enough to show her pink cleft
right through them.

Jane ostentatiously went on working at her computer and on some term papers
that she was preparing. After awhile another message appeared on her screen from

"Take your knickers off. " Shakespeare he wasn't, Jane reflected as she
carefully and unobtrusively started to carry out the instructions she knew were

Checking the rest of the class to make sure they were busy, Jane slowly
reached down to the hem of her skirt.

Her white three-quarter length jacket hid the skirt from the rest of the
class, so Jane felt safe to edge the skirt gradually up past the tops of her
nylons. She rucked it round the tops of her thighs and hooked her thumbs into
the waistband of her brief knickers.

Cautiously Jane slid the gossamer thin knickers down her legs, easing first
one foot out and then the other. She had a large plastic shopping bag resting
against the side of her desk where she deposited them. Now nude up to her waist
Jane looked quizzically at James.

"Get your fucking legs open you cunt" came the next piece of prose from the
barely literate lad. Ah well. I suppose I should be thankful that he can spell
thought Jane, parting her legs as wide as she could.

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   Her shaven pink vulva
open and glistening for the two lads to smirk at.

"Take all your clothes off under the jacket" was the unanticipated command
that followed. Jane wasn't prepared for this startling request and was both
unsettled and strangely intrigued with it.

"This is going to take a little time" she typed. James gave her an
imperceptible nod and Jane made sure that the rest of the class were still
preoccupied before she started.

The skirt was easy enough. Jane merely unzipped it and slid it demurely
down her lovely legs, stepped out of it and tucked it into her bag.

The rest was going to prove something of a problem. She started with her white
satin petticoat, covertly fishing under her jacket whilst writing one of the
term papers. Jane undid first one then the other satin strap holding the
garment up over her small mounds.

Whilst writing with her right hand Jane moved her left hand down below the
desk. Tugging the silken material at her waist with her thumb and forefinger,
she felt it slip over the cups of her lacy brassiere, sliding down the inside of
her jacket to fold in a silken pool at her hips. Jane shuddered deliciously
as the two satin straps slicked over her shoulders and down her back. She then
simply slid the garment off her legs and placed it on her lap.

Waiting a short while and answering one or two other "E" Mail queries,
Jane's left hand went nervously under her jacket again.

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   She'd decided to
remove her brassiere in the same way she'd taken off her petticoat. Jane
surreptitiously undid the two brassiere straps from the tiny catches resting on
her delicious tits. Luckily the bra was front fastening and Jane managed to
unclip it with one hand. She felt her small tits free themselves from the cups
as the brassiere slipped down to join the petticoat on her lap.

Gathering the two undergarments up she slipped them into the plastic bag,
snapping loose one of her garter straps at the same time. Methodically Jane
snapped off all her garter fastenings with her left hand in the next five
minutes, finally reaching behind and undoing the restricting garter belt.

Slipping off her high heeled sandals, Jane pushed each nylon stocking over
her smooth kneecaps. By lightly rubbing her calves together, Jane encouraged
the gossamer like hose to slither down to her trim ankles where she hooked each
one off, leaving her entirely naked apart from the long jacket.

Knowing James's fondness for earthy language Jane slipped on her high heels
and typed "I'm naked apart from my jacket. Do you want to see my bare cunt
again?" She looked at James who nodded his confirmation.

Jane was now able to part her thighs as wide as possible. This she did,
displaying her wet pink slit to the two delighted boys.

James made Jane exhibit herself to them the rest of the morning, requesting
that she push her fingers inside herself and masturbate to one climax after
another. It was enough for Jane to be just exhibiting herself to excite her
to this sexual state. She found she had a serious problem disguising her
agitated state from the other children, some of them looking very puzzled at
Miss Carpenter's distracted manner.

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Jane was thankful when the lunch bell sounded.

James and Arthur were the last ones to leave the classroom. James looked at
Jane boldly and said. "Take off your jacket now Miss Carpenter. We'll be back
before the other kids to make sure you get it back. I want you bare all
lunchtime and trapped in here. "

With some alarm Jane slipped the jacket off her bare shoulders, leaving her
completely naked apart from her high heels.

"What about going to the toilet?" she enquired tremulously. "I'll need to go
for a pee. "

James dispatched Arthur to the science classroom and waited till he'd returned
with a large glass container. Both boys watched with amusement as James insisted
that Jane to do it right there in front of them. Blushing violently, Jane
took the glass container and opened her legs wide, teetering on her high heels
as she looked down at her hairless cunt and held the glass between her legs.

Jane felt her bladder relax and her urine started to gush from the pink
slit, splashing into the glass she held under her. She watched the vessel slowly
fill with her hot yellow pee as she stood in a half crouch in front of the two
sniggering boys, finally dribbling to a stop in short weak spurts. With tears
pricking her eyes that she'd been reduced to this by her injudicious bravado
with the pills, Jane nevertheless went on to plead with James for a fresh
supply of the same drugs.

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"I'll bring some back after lunch break. There's a condition though. I want
you to go out with me tonight as my girlfriend. We'll be going to a youth club
so you'll have to dress the part. "

Young Jane Carpenter agreed with alacrity, feeling as if she were going out
on her first teenage date instead of accompanying one of her students to a kids

She was then left in the classroom the whole two hours in her exposed state,
hiding behind the cupboards whenever she heard footsteps passing by the door.

James and Arthur did indeed return just before the rest of the class, allowing
Miss Carpenter to slip on her three-quarter length jacket before the beginning of
the afternoons lessons. James had brought a plastic bag from home. He explained
that there were some clothes of his thirteen year old sister inside that he
wanted Jane to wear that evening. "She's big for her age so they should fit
you. There's also a bottle of the pills you wanted" he added.

The rest of the afternoon passed with James instructing her, via the computer,
to reveal herself to them on various lewd ways. She actually achieved an
organism on two occasions, thrusting her fingers in and out of her insatiable

When the final bell was sounded James whispered to her that he would meet her
outside his house at seven that evening. Jane dressed, picked up the plastic
bag and made her way home.

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After a light meal and a shower, Jane took six of the GHB tablets that her
constitution seemed to be craving even more now. She didn't shave off her pubic
stubble or her armpits as James had asked her not to shave any of her body hair
in future. He wanted his new 'girlfriend' to be as adult as possible.

Allowing the calm and sensual effect of the pills to wash over her, she
opened the bag that James had given her.

Although they were about Jane's size, they were the clothes of a thirteen
year old teenager. Jane pulled on the white cotton knickers, barely managing
to fit them over her hips. Then followed a rather cheap looking cotton
under-vest with a small lace border round the neck and arm holes. The under-vest
was made for a thirteen year old with no tits so Jane just managed to
struggle it over her own barely discernible tits. She then put on the short
tight grey skirt she'd found that ended mid-thigh. A thin tee-shirt with an
Oasis picture on the front completed the ensemble.

Jane found a white pair of ankle socks and black patent leather strap-over
flat shoes in the bag that she put on with distaste, a far cry from her
sophisticated high heels and nylons.

After tying her long dark auburn hair into two pony tails, one either side of
her head in a style she hadn't adopted for years, Jane discovered that James
had included some cheap cosmetics in the bag.

She applied the rather garish blusher, crimson lipstick and heavy green
eye-shadow and looked at herself in the mirror. Jane was amazed at the
result. In her everyday adult clothes she looked the typical pretty aspiring


   However the transformation from schoolteacher to pupil was
astonishing even to Jane.

Looking every inch a precocious thirteen year old using her mothers make-up,
Jane noticed how she'd lost height wearing the child's flat shoes. Her
height, now less than either James or Arthur, was accentuated by the flat
childish look of her chest under the thin tee-shirt. The child's under-vest held
her small tits flat against her slim body.

Jane posed and primped in front of the mirror, popping into her crimsoned
mouth a stick of bubble gum she'd found in James's sisters cosmetic purse and
chewing in the mock childish fashion that girls in their early teenage years

Finally pulling on a grey school cardigan she'd had since she was twelve years
old, Jane set off for James's house.

Loath to use the car because of her youthful appearance, Jane caught the
bus to the other side of town where James lived. He was waiting for her outside,
not wishing his sister to see where her clothes had ended up Jane supposed.

They walked arm in arm to the local youth club where James was a member.
Jane was itching with desire again as James slipped his arm around her slim
waist, and James was just so smug that he'd got his beautiful schoolteacher into
this compromising situation.

The club was alive with kids. Not one of them appeared to be above thirteen
years old to Jane including herself. There was a noisy rap record playing and
a soft drinks bar that appeared to be doing a lively trade. Jane was later to
discover that the soft drinks complimented the various drugs a lot of these
youngsters were on, herself included eventually.

James and Jane drifted to a group of kids who seemed to be James's crowd.

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Although they were twelve and thirteen years old Jane couldn't feel superior
or adult as she looked just like them. One of the girls looked Jane up and
down critically, sensing competition. James introduced her around as just
"Jane, my girlfriend. ""

As the rap music belted out Jane found a drink thrust in her hand and
tablets offered to her, three or four of which she was urged to take.

Light-headed from the effects of these drugs, she joined in the crude laughter
and dirty talk of the sniggering children.

Eventually James took her to one side. "I've a chance to make a bit of money
here" he confided to her. "Some of the kids want to see yours and Jennifer's
cunts. We've got to go behind the stage and I can charge them a quid each just
for looking. "

Reckless by now with the effects of the various drugs, Jane looked at the
girl James referred to as Jennifer. She saw a pretty dark haired twelve or
Thirteen year old who was looking at Jane challengingly.

"Why not?" said Jane, now feeling sexually available for anything. "Let's
Go Jennifer. " She added, leading the way to the door by the side of the small stage.

Backstage it was hot and claustrophobic and Jane removed her cardigan.

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"Well? Are you going to bring the kids in? We can't stand here all night" she
enquired in the childish tone of voice she'd adopted.

James disappeared, returning a minute or two later with an assortment of
youngsters who gazed at the two girls with a mixture of lust and wonder.

Beckoning a boy of about nine over to her Jane asked imperiously. "Have you
paid?" The boy nodded mutely and Jane took the hem of the short grey skirt
and struggled it up her thighs to her waist.

Hooking her thumb into the elastic waistband of the white knickers, she pulled
them out in front of her rounded tummy and looked down. Jane could see her
pink vagina pouting in the nest of her white cotton knickers as she pulled the
now reluctant boy over to her. Standing him in front of her so the others
couldn't see, she peeled the knickers down and displayed her naked cunt for him.
He stared entranced as Jane parted the delicate pink lips of her labia for

"Can I touch it?" he asked breathlessly.

"No you can't you little bugger" replied Jane crossly, cuffing him around
the ear with her free hand. "You've not paid for that. Now fuck off. "

She'd decided to be as crude as the children themselves to gain acceptance by
the group. She pulled up her knickers and beckoned the next boy of about the
same age over and glanced at Jennifer. "I thought you were supposed to be
showing yours as well" she said peevishly.

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   "Let’s see your fucking knickers down
your legs as well. "

Jane watched with some fascination as the pretty thirteen year old girl
nervously pulled her short patterned skirt up her legs. Jennifer had tried in
her childish way to dress as sexily as she could.

As opposed to Jane's white ankle socks and child's strap-over black shoes,
Jennifer was wearing nylons with brown casual sneakers. As Jennifer tugged the
skirt over her hips Jane saw that her underwear was still in the child's
bracket. Jennifer was wearing a pair of pale blue cotton knickers with little
pictures of teddy bears printed on them.

With more bravado than the girl obviously felt, Jennifer pulled the young lad
over to stand in front of her. Jane watched as Jennifer drew the knickers off
the front of her stomach and tugged them down to mid-thigh. For a thirteen year
old Jennifer had an amazing amount of black pubic hair surrounding her vagina.

Giggling a little now, the pretty girl looked down at her hairy slit and
placed two fingers on either side of her labial lips. The young boy looked on
with delight as Jennifer massaged her cunt which made a soft liquid sound as her
fingers touched the inner lips and clitoris.

Jane bade another boy over to her as this was going on. She again bared her
vagina for him as he stared dumbly at her. "I wanted to see your bum" he said
querulously. "That's what I paid for.

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   I paid to see your bare bum. "

Sighing, Jane turned around. Hooking her thumbs into the top of the cotton
knickers she pulled them down off her white behind and bent over to allow the
lad to see.

"No" he whinged on. "I asked to see the hole. I said I wanted to see your
hole. "

Bending almost double, her white knickers taut across her thighs, Jane
reached either side of her legs with her hands and pulled apart the cheeks of
her behind. Spreading her legs she made sure that the boy got a good look at the
small puckered hole of her anus.

As she straightened up and adjusted her clothing James, who'd been whispering
to the rest of the boys gathered there, said to the two girls. "The rest of them
have just agreed to pay more if you take off more clothes and let them touch you
and stuff. "

Without waiting for their consent James nodded to the next lad, a boy of about
ten years old. This youth was far cockier than the preceding ones. "I want you
to take off her clothes" he said to Jane. "Then she can take off yours. "

Looking helplessly at James, Jane saw him nod for her to obey the boy's

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   She then looked at Jennifer who was smiling rather boldly at her.

Jane reached across to the girl and tugged her sweatshirt up her small slim
body. Jennifer wore nothing underneath and her budding tits were bared for them
all to admire, the tiny mounds heaving up and down with excitement.

Jennifer clasped her hands together and looked down as Jane squatted in
front of her, unbuttoning and unzipping the side of Jennifer's dress and
slipping it down her nylon covered legs to the floor. Wearing just her garter
belt, stockings and knickers, the thirteen year old girl looked small and
vulnerable in front of the gathering of boys.

Jane tugged the child's knickers down her legs to reveal the surprising
patch of black pubic hair between her legs. Finally, unsnapping the garter
straps, she denuded the girl completely, pulling her shoes off and stripping the
nylons off her legs.

Jennifer stood quite unselfconsciously naked in front of the group as though
she was quite used to this abasement. Jane thought she looked prettier than
ever, her perfect face surrounded by her short black hair that was bobbed into a
'Doris Day' crop. Jennifer's sparkling eyes were alight with wantonness as she
approached Jane to undress her in turn.

"Just wait a minute" said the boy. "Just take her dress and tee-shirt off and
pull her knickers down for the moment. "

Jennifer tugged the hem of Jane's tee-shirt out of the waistband of her
skirt and pulled it off over her head. Jane glanced down and was pleased to
see that her two small tits hardly showed through the tight white under-vest.
The naked girl then unbuttoned and unzipped the grey skirt and allowed it to
drop to the floor, taking hold of the waistband of Jane's knickers afterwards
and tugging them down to her ankles.

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   Jane self-consciously covered her vagina
with both hands as she faced the group of children dressed in only the skimpy
under-vest, ankle socks and strap-over shoes, her knickers draped over them.

Jane made to step out of them till the boy's commanding voice said "No. "
"Leave them where they are and take your hands away. We want to see it. "

Opening her legs to tighten her knickers round her ankles, Jane dropped her
hands away from her pubic area exposing her bare shaven slit to the children.
After the initial shame of allowing the young boys to snigger at her state of
undress Jane became fascinated by the young lad's obvious state of arousal.
Staring at the front of his jeans Jane whispered "Take it out if you want.
I'll let you push it into me if you do. "

As the youngster unzipped his trousers and pulled his little stiff penis out,
James cut in. "I'll say who puts his dick into you and who doesn't. "

Jane hardly listened to him as she gazed at the boy's aroused state. She
felt a sudden excited release in her vagina and followed the boy's gaze at it. A
thick translucent liquid was pulsing out of her tender pink slit and running
down her inside leg. 'My God' she thought. 'I can't control myself anymore.

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one look at this child and I'm creaming myself. '

She giggled suggestively, allowing a middle finger to dip into the sticky
moistness of her cunt. Jane was now all little girl experimenting with the
boys at sex games. None of the sophisticated English teacher was there at all.
Her slim body trembled with lust as the boy pulled at his small member, unable
to take his eyes off Jane's bare slit. As the lad's semen pulsed out of his
penis the group was suddenly interrupted by the youth clubs organiser.

"What the hell's going on here?" he shouted as the group scattered leaving
just the two girls, the lad who was masturbating and James.

The organiser, a Mr. Richard Woods, made them all dress and follow him to his

The four stood in front of Mr. Woods with their heads down whilst he lectured
them on the lack of morality in today's youth. Jane was quite frankly
frightened lest she was found out to be a teacher. She was sure there was
something illegal about her corrupting minors. Therefore she was somewhat
relived when Mr. Woods gave them the choice of the cane or reporting them to
their parents.

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The other three reluctantly said they would accept his punishment. Jane
knew that what Mr. Woods was about to do was illegal, but was too comforted that
she wouldn't be found out that she also quickly agreed to be caned.

Jane watched with fascinated dread as the small boy went first. He was made
to unbutton his trousers and pull them down with his underpants. Mr. Woods then
made him bend over and administered six vicious whacks with a lethal looking
cane to his bare bottom.

James underwent the same treatment with a stoic determination. Then the pretty
dark haired girl was summonsed in front of Mr. Woods.

She was crying in anticipation of the punishment but Mr. Woods was
unrelenting. "Pull up your skirt and pull your knickers down. " He commanded.

The girl tugged her tight skirt up her trembling legs.

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   Mr. Woods sniggered
when he saw her attempt to look adult with her nylon stockings and garter
straps. "You can't wait to grow up can you? Now pull your panties down. "

The girl pulled her knickers down to her knees and bent over, presenting her
pretty pink bottom to Mr. Woods. He delivered six stinging blows to her
quivering buttocks causing angry looking welts to appear immediately.

As the weeping girl straightened up and re-adjusted her clothing, Mr. Woods
beckoned to Jane.

She went over to him nervously, now appreciating what it must be like for her
own pupils to be summonsed by her for a ticking off.

"You're the little temptress now aren't you?" said Mr. Woods menacingly. "Well
don't just stand there. Pull your skirt up and push your knickers down. Don't be
shy. You've shown all these before I'm sure.

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Jane's trembling fingers took hold of the hem of her short skirt. Wriggling
her hips she pulled it up and over her white cotton knickers to her waist. Then
hanging her head down, she eased the knickers down to mid-thigh and bent over in
front of Mr. Woods.

Despite the smarting pain the punishment had caused him, James felt a rush of
desire at the sight of his beautiful schoolmistress bent over in front of Mr.
Woods, ready to receive a thrashing.

Richard Woods noticed the faint weal's from Jane's previous caning and
immediately connected them to her schooling. He knew it was illegal for schools
to cane children so he assumed that she must have been unmanageable and some
teacher had used it as a last resort.

"I see that you've tried some teacher's patience young lady" he said to the
trembling Jane. "Well you'll pay attention to this punishment. I'll give you
twelve instead of six. Maybe you'll learn a lesson this time. "

Placing the cruel cane on Jane's bare behind. Measuring up he brought the
instrument up and swiftly lashed down on her trembling flesh. The pain was
excruciating and Jane cried out aloud.


   "Ooooh. . . uh. . . uh. "

She felt as if she were going to urinate there in front of Mr. Woods and the
children and glanced at her exposed vagina. Jane could see it was oozing a
semi-clear viscous liquid and she steeled her vaginal muscles ready for the next
blow. It came with such stunning ferocity, cutting at her bare bottom and
causing Jane to whimper in agony. She saw with despair that she was starting
to urinate and tried her best to control the flow, managing to restrict it to a
dribble that wet her inner thighs.

The next blow fell with an unbelievable racking pain and Jane found she
couldn't control her self any longer. Her bladder relaxed and she sprayed the
floor between her spread legs with a jet of urine before she managed to bring
herself under control. She was now weeping brokenly, her sobs and lack of
bladder control causing James to find he was getting a huge erection.

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   This was
the beautiful young teacher who, until quite recently, he'd held in tongue tied
awe and respect. The next development surprised and excited him even more. Mr.
Woods lost his temper when he saw the sobbing girl's uncontrolled reaction to
his punishment.

"Right you dirty little cow" he snapped, beckoning the other crying girl to
fetch a bowl from a small sink in the corner and place it in front of the
wailing Jane. "Turn around so they can all see you and empty your bladder
before I carry on. You'll receive five extra strokes for doing that. "

"Uh. . . uh. . . uh. .

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  . uh. . . " she hiccupped, unable to cease her moaning cries as
she turned to face the small group of children. Jane hung her head in shame,
painfully spread her legs and squatted over the bowl, allowing her pink wet slit
to open and gush a hot stream of liquid into the bowl. When she finally dribbled
to a stop, Mr. Woods made her turn around again and bend over, presenting her
bare behind and spread legs once more to the children.

As the blows fell one after the other, Jane became numbed to the agony and
felt her self coming to a sexual climax time after time with each impact. When
he'd finally finished, Mr. Woods curtly told Jane to pull up her knickers.

"I. . . I c.

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  . . can’t S. . . sir" she wailed. "My bottom hurts too much. " Jane
gingerly pulled her skirt down, leaving her knickers now draped around her

"Oh very well then" snapped Mr. Woods, indicating for her to pick up her
knickers and put them away. "When you next come to this club you'll report to me
and I'll check you’re all appropriately dressed before you’re allowed in. Is that
clear?" Jane nodded tearfully and the other children muttered their
willingness to do so as they were ushered out of the room.

As soon as they were out of the youth club and into the dark park on their way
home, James made Jane strip off all her clothes apart from the thin cotton
under-vest, white socks and patent leather shoes. Then he made the poor crying
girl walks through the park in this state, each step sending flashes of pain
through her smarting body. He even cruelly stood her in the light of a street
lamp an kneaded her battered and bruised behind whilst she unwillingly climaxed
time after time.

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   He gazed with fascination as her vaginal juices squeezed out of
her throbbing slit and ran down the inside if her legs.

Jane spent the night in the park with him. Giving in to his every whim and
desire. The one thing she managed to obtain from him was about a months supply
of the GHB tablets she craved for. She hobbled home in the early hours of the
morning and slept the sleep of the dead lying on her stomach. . .

Chapter Three.

That morning Jane phoned Mr. Metcalfe, the school headmaster. Without
wishing to say she was ill and having any of the school staff popping in to
check on her condition, Jane pleaded her mother being ill in York, some three
hundred miles away.

Over the following three and a half weeks Jane was indeed dangerously ill.
The first week she ran a fever and confined herself to bed, not answering the
door or the phone as she slowly began to recover from the terrible beating she'd

After a more relaxed two and a half weeks Jane felt able to face the world
once again. In fact she was running out of the GHB tablets and craved more of

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   She'd applied her hand and other manual aids to her sensitive vaginal
areas and was becoming anxious for more abuse.

She realised with a kind of dumb misery that the drugs were turning her into a

Eventually Jane took herself shopping in the local children's clothing
store. She explained to the assistant that she was looking for a new wardrobe
for her thirteen year old sister. "I'm just her size so I want clothes that'll
fit me" she told the girl disarmingly.

After leaving the clothing store, Jane called in one or two "specialised"
shops before returning home with her purchases.

An audacious artifice had occurred to Jane whilst she recovered. The idea
of returning to her childhood, although sexually active, really appealed to her.

She rang the school and set an appointment to see Mr. Metcalfe the headmaster.

Jane dressed very carefully for this appointment. She wanted to appear
smart but suggestible to the slightly lecherous head.

The bulk of the time that Jane had had off was during one of the school
holidays. She therefore felt she could request what she was about to ask and
reasonably expect him to agree with her.

Jane had presented herself early on Friday morning for her appointment and
smiled winningly for him as she crossed her nylon covered legs in front of him,
letting him get a glance of her white thigh above the top of her sheer

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"So you see Ed" she said persuasively. "I'll need to nurse my mother back to
health and also get my younger sister away from there for awhile. I was
wondering if she could possibly come down here and attend this school whilst I
look after my mother? It'll only be on a temporary basis if you like. "

"Of course Jane" Mr. Metcalfe replied eagerly, casting a sly glance up
Jane's gaping skirt. "Why don't we say she can start on Monday? Ask her to
report to me and I'll take care of the necessary details. "

That settled, Jane next visited the hairdressers before returning home and
preparing herself for a hot shower. Afterwards she removed all of her make-up
and inspected herself in the mirror.

As James had asked, Jane had allowed her pubic hair and the hair under her
arms to grow unchecked. She was a little shocked at the speed it had grown. Her
armpits were now thick with dark coloured body hair and her vagina was covered
with a huge bush of pubic hair. It was much more than she'd ever had before she
started removing her hair from these areas. She could only assume that the rapid
growth was the results of her constant shaving.

The hairdresser had cut her long auburn hair into the "Doris Day" style she'd
observed on the young girl at the youth club. The bobbed hair surrounded her
beautiful face and Jane was astonished how young she looked.

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   Standing bare
and small in front of the mirror, she looked no more than ten or eleven years

Unpacking some of her purchases, Jane pulled on a pair of pink children's
knickers. They had white lace around the leg tops and fit over her now rather
plump little belly perfectly.

Jane hadn't bothered to buy any brassieres for her small tits and just
pulled on a slightly tight fitting pink cotton under-vest that matched the
knickers. The effect was immediate and it flattened her front to make it appear
that she didn't have any tits at all.

She selected a little dress that buttoned down the back. It had a pattern of
small blue checks and buttoned up to her neck. There was a collar of white plain
material that was matched by two bands of the same material edging the short
puffed sleeves.

She completed the whole effect with short frilled white ankle socks and a pair
of black strap over patent leather shoes.

Feeling deliciously hot and sensual, Jane phoned up James.

"I want us both to go to that youth club again tonight. " Said Jane
breathlessly. "I've got something to tell you that I think you'll like. "

James was relieved to hear from Jane. Since the caning at the youth club
and Jane's subsequent absence from school, he'd had no contact with her.

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had imagined her at deaths door or worse. He was therefore eager to take Jane
back to the youth club.

When he called round for her that evening he was shocked and delighted at the
complete change in her.

Jane was the prettiest little girl James had ever seen, for that's what
Jane looked like, a little girl and not his schoolteacher.

He'd brought her a good supply of the tablets that she now yearned for and she
greedily took more than her usual amount, locking the rest into a desk drawer.

Jane outlined what she intended to do on their way to the youth club.

"But you'll never get away with it" he protested, astounded by the boldness of
the scheme. He looked at her closely and, after some hesitation, he added. "I
don't know though. I think you might. You look like a kid now. "

Unencumbered with the usual women's apparel and undergarments, Jane felt
deliciously unfettered and free as they entered the club.

Within five minutes of being in the crowded club James had obtained some money
from Jane and purchased for them both a handful of tablets which Jane
greedily consumed, feverishly washing them down with soft drinks.

She'd spotted Mr. Woods almost immediately but, far from feeling anxious about
him observing them, Jane almost felt a masochistic desire for him to catch
them doing something wrong.

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With this in mind, Jane was at her most flirtatious, brushing her soft
scented body against the boys that crowded round her, having been told that she
was a sexual tease and available.

A boy who appeared to be about eleven years of age asked Jane to dance. She
smiled shyly at him and, rejecting his tendency to dance apart, she cuddled her
deliciously soft form against him.

The boy, whilst at first embarrassed, responded with fervour. He thrust his
thin lower body into Jane's hot pubic area causing Jane to wriggle her
tummy against his small hard penis that she distinctly felt under his Levi's. In
her flat shoes she was slightly smaller than the lad.

Jane put her sweet little pink mouth up against the boy's ear. "Would you
like to feel my cunt?"

The boy looked a little startled at this crude reference to her vagina but he
nodded nervously.

"Well push your hand under my dress and I'll let you" Jane breathed,
guiding his small hand down to the hem of her short dress and raising it
slightly in encouragement. She gasped as she felt his feverish fingers
scrabbling with the elastic leg band of her pink child's knickers. "Ooh. . . Oh. .

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Uh. . . Uh. . . Ooooh. " She gasped as she felt his fingers slip under the elastic
and glide over her moist hairy slit. The boy gasped as he felt the amount of
hair that now surrounded Jane's willing hole. He'd never been with a girl
with so much hair and it thrilled him.

"Ooh. . . " Jane breathed as his trembling fingers played with her labial lips
and clitoris.


   "Ooh. . . I've never let a boy do this to me before" she lied. "Pull
my knickers down a little bit and stick your fingers right in there. "

Jane could feel the boy fumbling with her thin cotton knickers. Her legs
trembled as he managed to scramble them over her bottom and down to the tops of
her thighs, uncovering her hairy throbbing cunt under the dress.

She'd completely lost it by now. Her overpowering need now took precedence
over anything else. That seemed to be part of the thrill. Jane the
schoolmistress allowing an eleven year old schoolboy to fondle and touch her
whilst she yearned to caress and allow him to take public liberties with her.
She was also yearning for public discovery and punishment. The pills had sapped
her of any morality and discretion.

"Ooooh. .

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  . " Jane sucked in a deep breath as she felt the boy's fingers
tentatively entering her wet hairy opening. "Push them inside me" she urged,
standing still on the crowded dance floor and opening her legs as far as the
short dress would allow.

Jane felt the flood of her juices flowing as three of the lad's fingers
entered her. Not quite knowing how to express it to an eleven year old Jane
whispered "Can I feel your willy? I want to put my hand in your trousers and
feel it. "

Hardly waiting for the boy's permission, Jane unzipped his Levi's and
fumbled the small stiff member out of his jockey shorts.

Pulling urgently on his prick she bent her legs, forcing herself down onto his
invading fingers and swayed up and down as she moaned and gasped.

Richard Woods had been covertly watching this juvenile passion and had sidled
up behind her, unobserved by the lust filled pair. Leaning across to Jane's
ear he hissed. "Just stay as you are the pair of you. "

Frozen in shock, the two young lovers paused in their sexual ministrations. A
small circle had been cleared whilst the rest of the children gawked at the
sight of the two of them stuck together in an obviously compromising state.

"Well you filthy young buggers. You've got yourselves into this position. You
can now show the rest of the club your shame as you follow me into the office.

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don't want to see you readjusting you're clothing or pulling your hands away
whilst you follow me. Understood?"

Nodding fearfully, Jane and the boy awkwardly faced Mr. Woods retreating
back and, still with their hands intimately on each other, they shuffled after

The children snickered as the boy's stiff penis started to jet semen under
Jane's tight grasp. "Ooooh. . . " Jane gasped, feeling it throbbing out his
love juice as they scuffled clumsily in Mr. Woods wake.

Seeing the other boys eyeing her avidly, Jane pulled her dress up with her
free hand. It slid upwards over her bare belly, revealing the youth's fingers
groping in her hairy slit. The thrill and the humiliation was overpowering as
the pair of them finally halted in Mr. Woods small office.

"Just look at the pair of you" shouted Richard Woods. "Its you, you filthy
little cow.

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   You're the one that's been responsible for this. Well you'll pay an
extra price. For the moment I'm going to cane the pair of you. You'll be first"
he said, indicating the boy.

The lad pulled his sticky fingers out of Jane's weeping vagina whilst she
released her hold on his sperm covered prick.

"You were so anxious to feel each other up out there" Mr. Woods said angrily.
"Now you can feel yourselves up whilst I punish you. It might teach you to keep
yourselves under control in future. Now get hold of yourselves. " This last
command was shouted out, shocking Jane into yanking the front of her dress up
to her waist and slithering her fingers into her bare slit.

"Take them off" said Mr. Woods, indicating the thin cotton knickers that were
halfway down her bare legs by now. "You'll have no use for them shortly. "

Jane allowed the little pink knickers to drop to her ankles and stepped out
of them, thrusting her fingers tightly into herself as she watched the boy bend
over holding his dripping penis.

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As the youth was beaten Jane frantically thrust her fingers in and out of
herself, gasping and whimpering as the lad cried with pain.

When Mr. Woods finished with the boy he looked across at Jane who was
obviously aroused by this treatment.

Desperately seeking something to humiliate and debase her he snapped. "Right.
Take off your dress and get down on your knees and lick this mess up. " He
indicated the pools of semen that had gathered on the polished floor.

Jane pulled her hand away from her crotch and Richard Woods could see how
hairy it had become since he'd last seen her. She nervously reached up behind
her and unbuttoned the child's dress.

Letting it drop to the floor she stood in front of Mr. Woods naked apart from
the small pink cotton under-vest, shoes and ankle socks. Jane dropped down on
her hands and knees and crawled over to the sticky puddles.

She made an erotic sight as she licked away at the soiled floor, her bare
white bottom stuck into the air. Richard saw that Jane had also grown
substantial amounts of hair under her arms but didn't pause to wonder how a
child of ten or eleven possessed such a hirsute body.

When she'd finished, Richard ordered her to remain on her knees and stick her
bare bottom into the air again.

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   "Put your fingers back into your crack" he
ordered. After Jane had complied, she waited with a delicious thrill of dread
for the first blow.

"Ooooh. . . Ooooh uh. . . " Jane screamed as the cane cut into her white flesh.
She could feel herself coming at the same time as the pain whipped through the
cheeks of her bottom.

Gagging and crying, Jane remained in this position as Richard rained down a
succession of painful blows. At the back of her mind she registered that she'd
climaxed three times during the punishment.

When she became aware that he'd finished she looked tearfully up at him.

"I'm going to inform your parents about your disgraceful behaviour at the club
both this evening and before" gritted Richard.

"Ooh no sir.

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   P. . . please don't tell my mummy and daddy. I'll do anything if
you won't tell them sir. " The hidden agenda for Jane was her desire to remain
undetected in her subterfuge.

"Right" Richard snapped. "If you're serious about that you'll turn up at this
address at nine-o-clock tomorrow morning. Now get dressed and get out. "

Jane couldn't bear to put her knickers back on over her stinging backside.
Leaving this garment off she donned her small dress again and, holding the
material away from her injuries, she sought out James in the club and left with

James made her walk home across the park again and remove her dress so he
could admire the red welts that Mr. Woods had brought up on Jane's bottom.
Jane now quite liked the danger and eroticism of walking through the park
dressed in only her little pink cotton under-vest.

Although it caused Jane intense pain, she allowed James to fuck her from
behind in the small park before he delivered her back home.

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The following morning Jane had a long soak in the bath to ease the pain
away before inspecting her exquisite figure in front of the full length mirror.
She was becoming quite used to ill treatment and her body appeared to be

Her pert little behind was a mere rosy red from the abuse of the previous day
and she pulled on another pair of children's knickers. This pair were in pale
blue cotton with pictures of cartoon animals printed on them. Again the
elasticised legs were trimmed with white lace as was the little blue under-vest
she slipped on over her tiny tits

Jane pulled on a fancy pair of white ankle socks with deep lace tops and
her black patent leather, flat strap-over shoes.

Keeping in mind her upcoming appointment with Richard Woods, Jane selected
a frothy pale blue party dress all satin and net stiffener that barely covered
her burning posterior. The fancy creation was gathered under her tiny tits and
fell loose to the frilly hemline.

Jane decided to plait her hair, drawing it to either side in two queues
that she secured with two satin bows. She put no makeup on her clear
complexioned face making her look like a very beautiful eleven year old.

Catching the bus to the address she'd been given, Jane arrived there just
before nine.

When she was admitted by an unctuous Mr. Woods Jane saw that it was a
combination crèche and nursery school. The twelve or so infants were all boys.

"Now I'm going to teach you a lesson" he said sternly. "These are the most
sexually curious boy's from my wife's nursery school.

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   You're going to co-operate
with everything that I tell you aren't you?"

Jane nodded dumbly as he went on. "I suppose your boyfriend gave you a good
seeing to last night after you left the club didn't he?"

"Yes sir. " whimpered Jane in a small voice.

"Doesn't he know that its illegal to have sexual intercourse with girls your

"I don't know sir. " Jane replied timidly.

"Well now you're here and your all going to be underage. Look boys" he said,
addressing the group of curious youngsters. "The big girl is going to show you
what you've been asking Mr. Woods about aren't you Jane?"

"Yes sir" Jane whispered, knowing for certain now that her plans for the
following week were OK as she seemed to be accepted as a child.

"Right then. I want you to pull up that pretty dress first of all. Show the
all the boys your knickers. "

"Yes sir" said Jane submissively, pulling the front of the party dress up
to her waist and showing the little tots her pale blue knickers. One little lad
named Alan seemed more forward than the rest. With a boldness that belied his
nine years of age, he looked at Mr.

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   Woods and said "Will she show us where
little girls pee from?"

"Well go on Jane. Answer Alan why don't you?"

Ms. Carpenter choked up with exited shame. . . "C. . . come over here Alan. "

Alan trotted over to Jane, a look of satisfaction and cocky curiosity on
his face.

"You did you say you wanted to see me pee, didn't you?" Jane asked shyly,
her pretty face blushing bright red.

Alan had done no such thing but, after thinking about it, he seemed to find
the idea acceptable.

"Y. . .

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   Yes" he said hopefully. Yes I want to see how you pee. Its not supposed
to be like little boys is it?"

"Right" said Jane, taking hold of the little lad's hand. "Now. Have you got
any potties in the nursery that the little ones 'go' in?"

Jane was handed a plastic chamber pot by one of the others and she said to
Alan. "Now if you want to push my dress up and pull down my knickers I'll let
you see what I do. Don't be frightened when you see me. I'm a lot bigger than
you are. "

Alan hesitantly took the hem of the schoolteacher's short dress in his podgy
fingers and pushed it up her creamy white thighs till he'd exposed the pale blue
knickers that held her aching pudenda tightly, outlining the plump vulva that
trembled in anticipation of public nakedness in front of these mere children.

"Go on Alan" urged Jane, holding up her dress and looking down at the
knickers that stretched over her plump little tummy, her pink little rosebud
mouth open and her breath coming in small pants and gasps. "That's it Alan. Pull
my knickers down to my knees. Ooooh. . .


   I'm just dying to show you what little
girls do. "

Jane was now oblivious of her surroundings. The curious crowd of children
and the self satisfied lecherous Richard Woods faded into the background as
Alan's fumbling hands tugged the child's cotton knickers down over her belly.
She felt the back of his adolescent hand brush her soft tummy as he worked the
elastic waistband down to the top of her thick pubic hair.

Alan paused and giggled as Jane's hairy vagina came into view. Jane
could see that her pink clitoris was distended and peeping wetly out of the nest
of hair in an erotically obscene fashion. She could feel the brushed cotton
knickers slip off the cheeks of her bottom as Alan finally managed to slip them
down her thighs to her knees.

The disrobing schoolmistress stood in front of the giggling children with her
knickers lowered, displaying her bare vagina for them to marvel at. She widened
the pink lips for Alan who gazed at this exhibition of fully formed female
genitalia with open mouthed admiration.

Holding the small plastic utensil between her legs, Jane squatted down and
opened her legs wide to the extent of the restraining knickers.

Looking down at herself, she allowed her bladder to relax and saw her vagina
tremble slightly as the hot urine started to gush out and splash into the
plastic bowl she held under her bared genitalia.

Jane made sure that the frothy skirts of her party dress were gathered up
and trapped in the crooks of her elbows as she continued to urinate in front of
the crowd of fascinated small boys. From the corner of her eye she noticed with
satisfaction that Richard Woods was looking at her bare hairy slit as it
streamed hot pee into the container. He had a strained expression on his face as
the delightful girl urinated freely in front of the small audience.

As Jane's aching cunt slowly dribbled to a wet trickling stop, she coyly
asked Richard to hand her a box of tissues, delicately dabbing the wet lips of
her glistening vagina and placing the brimming pot carefully on the floor beside

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She straightened up and, leaving her knickers pushed down to her knees, she
gathered up the skirts of the dress and hauled them as high as she could.
Jane wished for a moment that she was dressed and made-up in her usual adult
fashion to parade her sexuality in front of this group of small boys. She would
keep that in the back of her mind for the future.

Meanwhile she'd managed to tug the pretty dress up to the point just below her
tiny tits, revealing the bottom of the simple child's under-vest that barely
came to the top of her plump little belly that swelled out above her hirsute
pubic area.

"You can touch me if you want" she said archly to Alan, looking down at her
puffy little vagina that now felt as if it was on fire with a growing need. "Go
on. " She urged. "Put your fingers up inside me. See how warm I am in there. It's
what Mummy's and Daddy's do to each other. "

The curious Alan tentatively reached out with his chubby little hand. Jane
took hold of it and guided it to her willing moist slit, gasping quietly as he
pushed two of his small fingers inside her.

Her legs buckled and straightened as she took up a sexual rhythm to the small
thrusting of his fingers. "Ooooh. .

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  . oh. . . uh. . . uh. " she panted as she felt
Alan's whole hand slip easily into her cunt, causing her to climax and further
lubricate his invasive probing.

"Look" crooned the thoroughly excited girl, reaching out to the elastic
waistband of his short trousers. "Let me look at your 'thingy'. " Although she
was almost beside herself with excitement, Jane felt a momentary rush of
shame as she set about further corrupting the child.

"What do you call it Alan?" she murmured, feeling for his tiny penis in his

Alan, blushing bright red by now, muttered almost inaudibly under his breath.
"My willy.

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"Well. That's what we'll call it then shall we?" Said Jane brightly. "We'll
call it willy. Can I play with your willy Alan? Its only fair as you're playing
with my 'two-pence'. " Richard Woods almost choked as he heard Jane use this
prim, old fashioned word to describe her vagina.

Jane had by now extracted Alan's small penis from his underpants and was
gently massaging the little member in her soft hand. She was amazed to feel the
tiny thing hardening under her touch as it throbbed in a futile and dry

As she felt herself building to yet another climax Jane peered down at
herself. She watched as Alan's hand plunged inside her to his wrist, much
resembling a smooth penis as Jane's free flowing juices made the invasive
lower arm glisten wetly.

"Right Alan" cut in Richard's voice authoritatively. "That's sufficient for
now. Miss Jane" he went on. "I want you to accompany me into my office. " He
opened the door at the far end of the nursery and, as Alan extracted his sticky
hand from Jane and she tried to pull up her knickers, told her brusquely to
leave them lowered.

With a lascivious thrill Jane knew immediately what was in store for her.

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She shuffled after him with her skirts pulled high, hampered by the
restricting cotton knickers pulled down around her dimpled knees.

When Jane stopped in front of a large desk in the office, she saw Mr. Woods
lock the door from the corner of her eye. She felt a thrill of satisfaction as
he stared with a look of hungry and barely disguised lust at her throbbing wet

"I want you to bend over and spread your legs open" he said in a strangely
muffled voice. "First of all you can take off that dress. "

"Yes Mr. Woods" said Jane meekly as she allowed the skirts to fall and
fumbled with the small buttons on the back of her dress.

Finally unbuttoning the last fastener, she slipped her smooth white shoulders
out of the dress and allowed it to fall to the ground, standing in front of him
with only the small blue cotton under-vest tightly restricting her tiny buds
covering her nakedness.

The under-vest pulled up over her trembling back as she bent over and parted
her legs to the limit of the elastic waistband of the knickers, giving him a
delicious view of her defenceless trembling bottom.

Jane waited with her eyes closed as she heard him unzipping his trousers.
Her legs buckled involuntarily as she felt his hand rest lightly on her
vulnerable bare behind and caress it slowly and sensuously and his fingers prise
apart her buttocks.

"Ooooh. . .

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   uh. . . uh. . . " Jane gasped as she thrust her posterior upwards to
him. "P. . . please Mr. Woods. Fuck me. . .

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   Fuck me now. "

She winced with pain as his hand came down suddenly and sharply on the bare
cheeks of her ass. "None of that crude swearing in front of me do you
understand? You're still only a little girl. "

Knowing he wasn't about to treat her as a little girl, Jane nodded dumbly,
biting her lip as she stifled her gasps and sobs.

"Ooooh. . . " she gurgled as she felt his huge shaft enter her well lubricated
vagina. She thrust her pretty little behind against him repeatedly as he plunged
in and out of her willing wet cunt.

She could feel him building to an orgasm and was dismayed when he pulled
himself out of her frantic vagina. A second later she opened her eyes wide with
shock as she felt the tip of his wet penis probing the tight puckered hole of
her anus.

Shaking with unfulfilled desire, Jane snaked her hands around either side
of her buttocks and pulled them apart as wide as she could, waiting with
trepidation as Richard thrust his hard slippery prick into her asshole with a
ripping pain.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as he pumped his hot semen into her most secret
place, her fingers still holding her buttocks wide apart as he withdrew his
softening member from the tight hole.

"Keep them pulled apart" he said curtly, unlocking the door and calling the
boys in. "Look boys" he said, nodding at the doubled over girl.

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   "Little girls
have the same bottoms as boys. " He laughed dryly as Jane sobbed at this added
debasing humiliation, her, the English schoolteacher reduced to exposing herself
to these tiny tots and deriving a secret sexual thrill out of it.

"What's more" he went on. "They're much the same as you lads about the chest
area till they're about fourteen or fifteen years old. Stand up and show them
your chest girl" he ordered the poor Jane, watching with satisfaction as she
gingerly released the cheeks of her buttocks and painfully straightened up in
front of the small group.

Jane took hold of the hem of her small cotton under-vest and tugged it
upwards, glancing down as her diminutive buds sprang into view. Her pink nipples
jutted out from the two small mounds of flesh for the young boys to gape at.

Mr. Woods took one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and
squeezed it cruelly. Jane squeaked at the sudden pain that suffused this
sensitive area, tears springing to her lovely eyes as Richard kept up the
relentless pressure.

"Feel yourself now" he demanded sharply. "Feel yourself while I'm torturing
your titties. You see boys" he went on to his young audience. "Girls need
punishing so they'll do as you want them to. " He again addressed Jane.

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want to wank yourself for the boys don't you? Tell them that's what you want to
do. " He gave her nipple another savage pinch and transferred his grip to the
other one, leaving the first tingling with a pleasurable pain.

Jane pushed her hands down to her pubic area as Richard renewed the biting
pain to her tender pink nipple, twisting and pinching till the tears streamed
down Jane's lovely cheeks as she scrabbled her fingers into her hairy vagina.

"I. . . I'll w. . . wank myself off for you M. . . Mr. Woods" she groaned. "You
don't h.

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  . . have to hurt me so much. " Her fingers were pushing in and out of her
wet slit rapidly with an audible sticky squelching sound. The boys watched
fascinated as the near naked girl gasped and groaned as she excited herself.

Jane looked down as she neared her climax. Her fingers were glistening as
she manipulated the raw pink vagina, parting her fingers in the cleft of her wet
nether lips to reveal her jutting insatiable clitoris.

When her quivering naked frame calmed from the wrenching orgasm, Mr. Woods
instructed her to strip off her knickers and join the group of boys for the rest
of the day. Jane docilely stepped out of her knickers and, naked apart from
her inadequate under-vest, shoes and ankle socks, she allowed the boys to play
with her bare sexual organs.

'My God' she thought, as one of the young lads gazed at her as she pushed her
middle finger in and out of her hairy cunt. 'I could be teaching him in five or
six years time. '

Finally at the end of a day of complete degradation, Mr. Woods allowed Jane
to dress and make her way home.

Chapter Four.

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Jane spent the rest of the weekend resting and pampering her beautiful but
aching body. She'd already managed to find her old school uniforms which still
fit her quite comfortably. Even the old name tags that were sewn into them she
could retain as she'd informed Mr. Metcalfe that her 'Sister's' name was Alice

She had a sufficient supply of GHB to last her for the immediate future so her
only concern was the imminent grand deception she intended to practice. The very
knowledge of it caused the newly sexually aware Jane to quiver and tingle
inside her tummy at the prospect.

On Monday morning Jane rose early and showered. After drying down her
vibrant young body she pulled on a pair of plain white cotton knickers and tight
matching under-vest. Jane had bought a new crisp white shirt and school tie
which she donned next. Her short grey pleated skirt still fit her slim waist and
matched the smart grey school jacket that she put on over the shirt. Finally
Jane slipped on a pair of plain white ankle socks and black flat shoes.

Jane didn't need any make-up to enhance her clear flawless white complexion
but she did apply a discrete amount of coral lipstick that accentuated her full
soft lips perfectly. The whole schoolgirl effect was completed with her long
soft hair gathered in an Alice band with a cute bang covering her forehead.
Looking in the mirror, Jane was astonished at the transformation. She'd
managed to look like a beautiful eleven year old version of herself.



At eight-o-clock young James called round for her. He was also astounded at
the change wrought in her. "You'll fool the fucking lot of them" he said
crudely. "Here. I've brought you something that will give you a boost. " He
produced a package that appeared to contain a white powder.

James called it 'Angel Dust' and told Jane that it had to be externally

Jane eagerly took the package from him and stood to go to the bathroom.
"Hold up right there" James called. "I've gone to the trouble of getting hold of
this for you. The least you can do is shove it in right in front of me. "

Wanting no argument, Jane hiked up her short grey skirt and pulled down the
cotton knickers just below her hairy vagina. "Bloody Hell" James said
admiringly. "You've grown that bloody quick. " His eyes took in the now profuse
amount of hair spread across Jane's lower stomach.

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Ignoring his lustful gaze, Jane wet her middle finger and dipped it into
the powder. Opening her legs wide she introduced the dust covered digit to her
throbbing slit and slid it deep inside the tender opening.

Jane gasped as the sensitive membranes of her inner vagina came into
contact with the talc like substance. She felt her clitoris actually hardening
like a small penis as she pulled her cotton knickers back into place and took
James's hand and they headed for the door.

By the time they both reached the school Jane's cunt felt as if it was on

As was the usual practice, Jane reported to the headmasters office, her
whole lower body by that time consumed with a burning, aching sensation standing
outside Ed Metcalfe's office as the other schoolchildren passed her and went
into their respective classrooms.

She'd been waiting about twenty frustrating and lonely minutes before the
headmaster finally appeared. By that time her loins felt as though they were on
fire, the substance James had supplied to her was giving her an overpowering
urge to thrust her fingers into her aching slit and masturbate right there in
the corridor.

At last Ed Metcalfe arrived and ushered Jane into his office.

He sat down behind his large desk and looked the girl up and down
appreciatively. 'My God' he thought. 'This girl's the spitting image of her
sister. In fact, give her a few years and she'll be better looking than her. '

Ed saw that the delightful young thing was trembling and anxious as she stood
with her head bowed in front of the desk. He wasn't to know that Jane was
afraid of immediate recognition and interpreted her mood for one of fear and
respect for his office.

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After filling in the enrolment forms and obtaining Jane's signature Ed said
"Right Alice. We'll just have to get you checked out with the nurse and you can
join your class. I'll be putting you in Mr. Hall's class. He's the temp that's
replaced your sister for the moment. " He chuckled and said "I don't suppose
you'll have had any sexually transmitted diseases only being eleven years old. "

The aching Jane paused, and then impulsively blurted out. "W. . . well sir.
P. . . please don't tell my sister but I've been worried about that recently.

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  " She
then gave Ed a cock and bull story about a sexual dalliance with another youth
quite a bit older than her in York. "S. . . so you see sir. I really need to have
my mind put at rest. I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. "

Ed Metcalfe listened to this tale with growing amazement. That such a young,
beautiful girl could have experienced what she'd told him not only shocked him
but intrigued him as well.

He led Jane to the nurses office and bade her wait outside. By this time
Jane could hardly contain herself and furtively started to finger her slit
through the thin skirt. Glancing quickly up and down the deserted corridor she
reached under the short skirt and hurriedly pulled the crotch of the cotton
knickers away from her pulsating vagina. She gasped under her breath as she slid
two fingers into the hairy crack and massaged her inner lips roughly. Within
seconds Jane climaxed which seemed to offer her some temporary relief.

Ed Metcalfe popped his head out of the nurses office and asked Jane to step

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   She did so and was confronted by the headmaster and the nurse. "I've
explained your problem to the nurse Alice and she would like you to strip off
your skirt and knickers behind the screen there. She'll also need a urine sample
in the bottle there" He said, nodding at the courtesy screen in the corner of
the surgery.

Jane knew, as the rest of the staff room knew, what Ed Metcalfe got up to
in the nurse's surgery with the tacit co-operation of the nurse, Jean. There
were two mirrors strategically placed so that the headmaster could see any
patients behind the screens. Jane went behind the screens in the full
knowledge that she was about to expose herself completely to Ed Metcalfe and the
realisation was causing her to become wet with excitement.

She unbuttoned her grey skirt and, surreptitiously observing the two mirrors,
slipped it down her bare white legs and stepped daintily out of it.

Jane looked down at herself and saw that her white cotton knickers had
slipped down her little plump belly when she'd eased the crotch away from her
labial lips. Deriving a secret satisfaction from the fact that Ed didn't know
that he was finally getting to see what he'd yearned to see since she'd started
teaching at the school, Jane took hold of the elastic waistband and eased
them off her quivering white tummy and over her matted pubic hair to drop in a
little white puddle at her ankles.

"Right Miss Carpenter" came the voice of the nurse. "If you're ready, would you
please give me a sample of urine in the bottle provided?"

Jane stepped out of her knickers and picked up the bottle from the table.
Spreading her legs wide apart she positioned the bottle under the pink lips of
her cunt, widening them with the forefinger and middle finger of her free hand.

Looking directly into one of the mirrors, Jane crouched slightly and
relaxed the muscles of her bladder and felt the hot flow of urine as it begin to
spurt from her vagina. She actually saw Ed Metcalfe staring fixedly at the
unashamed display of her urinating as she slowly filled the bottle with her hot

Jane looked down again at her gaping pink slit as she finished peeing into
the bottle, the last drops spurting out in small hot jets.

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   Curiously she allowed
her middle finger to slip inside the raw wet hole as Jean's voice floated over
the top of the curtain. "Put the bottle on the table Miss Carpenter then take off
your jacket and shirt. Then I'd like you to lay on the surgical bed and place
your legs in the stirrups. "

Placing the full bottle on the table, Jane undid the tie and unbuttoned her
shirt. Allowing the shirt to slip off her creamy shoulders and drop to the
floor, Jane complied with the nurses request. With her legs in position, the
tender open clitoris jutted out for both the nurse and the headmaster to view.
She craned her head forward and looked down at herself.

She knew it would happen. Both the nurse and Ed Metcalfe came around the
curtain to look at her. Jane felt a wonderful sense of carnality as she
presented her raw throbbing slit for them both to see.

"She's a proper little madam isn't she Ed?" remarked Jean. "My, my. I can see
she's certainly going to have to be taught a few lessons. "

'So all the staff-room gossip was true' thought Jane, lying in front of
them with nothing on but her skimpy cotton under-vest and her legs spread wide
in helpless submission.


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   I don't think Mr. Metcalfe should be in here like this?" Said the
delightful Jane shyly, edging her thighs imperceptibly wider as she saw his
eyes fixed on her open vagina.

"As long as the nurse is present it's alright my dear" he said patronizingly.
"After all. You did request my help. Now do as you're told and let the nurse
examine you. "

"Yes Sir" said Jane submissively, feeling a thrill run through her as Jean
parted her labial lips to obtain a smear with a swab.

The nurse Jean, took about a quarter of an hour to carry out her tests on the
young schoolgirl that Jane was. All the while Ed remained in the room,
staring fixedly at Jane's wide open, hairy vagina.

When the examination was over the headmaster took Jane to her class, which
was her old class of eleven to twelve year olds, that had a temporary teacher in
her absence.

The name of the temp was Mr. Terry Martin, a rather young and very nervous

Jane amused herself throughout the day by teasing him, much to the
amusement of the rest of the class.

She went home at lunchtime and was surprised to find a letter waiting for her
from a temporary teachers organisation she'd been registered with. They were
offering her a home teaching job in the evenings to privately tutor a rather
precocious nine year old in a very up market area.

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   She phoned them and was told
they'd expect her that same evening.

Before returning to school in the afternoon, Jane gave herself a double
dose of the tablets, making herself very aware of her own delightful sexuality
and needs.

When playtime came around, Jane quite naturally gravitated into the company
of James and Arthur. James handed Jane another two bottles of tablets.
"You're going to have to pay for them" he warned. "I've already taken money from
a few of the boys to look at your hairy cunt" he said crudely, leading Jane
to the classic venue, the back of the cycle sheds.

Waiting for them there was a small group of nervous boys, their ages ranging
from eight to twelve.

James made them line up and said to Jane. "Right pull your skirt up and
we'll give them thirty seconds each. "

Obediently, Jane tugged the grey school skirt up to her waist exposing her
white cotton knickers. Then the first boy, a young lad of about eight years of
age, shuffled up in front of Jane and looked at her expectantly. Jane
pulled out the waistband of her knickers and allowed the boy to stare down them
at her hairy slit.

The exhibition went rather swiftly, each boy wordlessly staring at Jane's
hairy pudenda and moving smartly off. When there was only one nine year old left
James led him forward and said to Jane. "This one's paid more.

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   He wants to
see you getting 'diddled' as he put it, and he wants to kiss you while it's
going on. "

Utterly unfazed, Jane looked at the lad with interest. She was certainly
ready for it, the drugs working overtime on her sexual libido.

"Right" she nodded. "Who's going to fuck me. You or Arthur?"

James made no reply, merely unzipping his trousers and indicating for Jane
to insert her hand. Pushing the white knickers down to her knees, Jane
completely revealed the huge bush of dark hair that surrounded her vagina to the
three remaining lads. The she pushed her slim hand into James's fly and pulled
out his big black penis. Squeezing it gently, Jane positioned herself in
front of him, pressing her bare white bottom against his straining member, and
bent over. She then beckoned the young boy over to her and took his small face
in her hands, puckering her lips up as she felt James's cock entering her wet
cunt. She drew the boy's lips against her own and kissed him long and deeply,
opening her soft mouth as James thrust in and out of her willing wet slit.

As Jane's excitement mounted, she unzipped the young lad's trousers and
took out his small soft penis. It felt so thrilling to the girl as his pubic
area was completely free of any hair. Stretching the little virgin penis,
Jane massaged it gently before placing it into her hot mouth and sucking hard
on it.

"What the Hell's going on here?" a querulous voice interrupted.

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Opening her eyes, Jane saw the new teacher, Terry Martin, rounding the back
of the shed on his rounds as the teacher on playground duties.

"Uh. . . uh. . . uh. . . " Jane groaned, as the lad's cock was pulled out of her
mouth quickly. She felt James pumping semen into her as he withdrew in guilty
confusion, spraying the remainder of his sperm onto Jane's lowered knickers.

Jane straightened up in front of the young replacement, holding her hands
ineffectively in front of her rapidly pulsating vagina. "Ooooh Mr. Martin" she
cried distractedly.

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   "We were just playing. "

"You three boys. Clean yourselves up and report to the head's office
immediately. You girl. Come with me. "

He held his hand out and Jane had to uncover her vagina as she took hold of
it and trailed after him, her knickers still at half mast and her skirt held up
to avoid getting any sticky semen onto it.

Mr. Martin too Jane into the staff toilets that were adjacent to the cycle
shed and instructed her to clean off her knickers and clean herself up in
general, all the while keeping his eyes averted from her nakedness much to
Jane's disappointment.

Jane took off her white cotton knickers and washed off the semen
thoroughly. She then washed herself, replacing her knickers and readjusting her
clothing. Knowing she was going to be taken to Ed Metcalfe's office she touched
up her lightly applied make-up, liberally applying the pale lipstick to her
cushioned lips.

Mr. Martin did indeed take Jane to the headmasters office where the three
boys were waiting in trepidation. Making Jane stand outside, her knickers
slowly drying whilst she waited, he took the lads in one by one. She could hear
Ed's voice shouting at each boy as they were each being interviewed followed by
the vicious thwacking of the cane as he applied it to each boy.


   There had never
been any notice taken to the anti-caning lobby in Ed's school.

Jane was left till the last. Terry Martin finally ushered her into the
headmasters office where she stood shamefaced in front of Ed who viewed her with
a strange look of satisfaction on his face.

"You seem to be the instigator and main perpetrator of this unfortunate
offence. I might add that it is illegal so I have to offer you the choice I gave
the boys. You can either accept my punishment or I shall call in the police. Now
which is it to be?"

Thoroughly alarmed that the police may be called for and therefore her
pretence revealed, Jane quickly agreed to accept the headmaster's punishment.

"Seeing as how you're so keen to expose yourself to all and sundry, I think
it only fitting to apply twelve strokes to your bare backside" Ed said,
selecting a particularly vicious looking cane from a rack. "Now I want you to
pull down your panties and bend over to touch your ankles. " He slashed the cane
through the air two or three times to limber up.

Looking steadily at Terry Martin, Jane reached under her skirt and caught
hold of her knickers. She wriggled them over her hips and pulled them down to
her knees. Jane then inched the short grey skirt up her legs till she was
bare from the waist down, her hairy pink slit once more on full display. She
could see that Terry Martin's eyes were now fixedly staring at the large bush of
pubic hair that encompassed her throbbing cleft.

Jane bent over and grasped her ankles through the thin white ankle socks,
presenting her bare white bottom to the headmaster and Terry.

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   She bit her bottom
lip and stifled a scream as the first savage blow cut into her tender backside.

On and on went the ferocious blows, biting into her tender flesh till she
eventually had to let out a cry.

"Ooofff. . . uh. . . ooooh" she wailed as the cane beat her relentlessly. She felt
a sexual climax approaching and was aware of her vagina spurting out a viscous
liquid as the headmaster finally finished the punishment.

Allowing Jane to painfully stand upright, the two men became fully aware of
the effect of the beating when they saw Jane's wet and excited slit
glistening at the base of her heaving belly.

"Turned you on I see" remarked Ed cryptically. "Well the next time it'll be in
front of the whole school. Then you won't be so ready for a beating young lady. "

The sudden illicit thrill that ran through Jane was alarming.

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  . . She had an
abrupt, delicious glimpse in her inner mind of the sheer ignominy of pulling
down her knickers in front of the whole school, and subjecting herself to a
caning for everyone to see. . . Ooooh the exquisite shame of the degrading
scene. . .

After allowing Jane to redress, the headmaster dismissed her, tears
streaming down her pretty face. . .


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