Enema Supprise - Part 3


I assured her that she had come to the right place that I had the same problem and was starting to jackoff while I was reading, but had not got to the point of cumning, that I was thinking about taking a big enema later to make it a big cumn. She said she liked to feel cramps with her enema at times that that made her pussy tighten up when she was ready to cumn and really gave her a buzz. I had read some where before that if you put a small amount of concentrated lemon juice in a warm enema it would produce cramps, I had never tried it, but considered it several times. I ask her if she was familiar with what I had read, she said she was, that bout a tablespoon of concentrated lemon juice in a quart of warm water would do the trick, you could use less depending on how hard of cramps you wanted. The use less sounded better to me. I ask her if she wanted to be first or wanted me to be first, she said she wanted to see what reaction it had on my semi hard dick, so I told her to not make it real stout incase I couldn't hold it. She told me to lay on my side while she inserted the tube and started the enema, she run the hose between my legs so I could turn to my back after she started. As she inserted the tube I felt my dick come to full erection, and very shortly after she opened the clamp I started to feel mild cramps in my gut, she rolled me on my back and slowed the flow of water I could feel my guts roll as the water went in at the same time my dick starts to throb and gets harder. She notices my dick throbing and gently begins to massage my balls with one hand and my dick with the other, moving up and down the shaft, but never touching the head, I could feel the cumn rising up the shaft and into the tip of the head, I could feel a drop of precumn leak from the tip, but she didn't touch it lick it or wipe it away, she just left it there, by now I was moving all over the bed, the cramps from the warm enema had me drawing my legs up to my chest, when then eased she would gently run those slinder soft fingers up and down the shaft of my throbing aching dick. After a short time the enema had emptied and she took out the tube, and kept playing with my hard burning dick, by now the tube on the back of my dick was full of cumn waiting to be shot out, I knew that when she touched the tip of my dick that I would shoot all over everything. By now the cramps from the enema had let up some, but my dick was really needing attention, I looked at Julie and her tiney nipples were erect, she was really into this, she was breathing heavy, I reached down between her legs and she was very wet. When I touched her between the legs she leaned over me and I took one of her breasts in my mouth and sucked very firmly, she pulled away and put her soft wet lips on the head of my dick and sucked, the cumn went everywhere. After I had gone to the toilet and finished getting rid of the enema it was her turn, I told her to make her own enema, and I would give it to her. She mixed the tablespoon of lemon juice and quart of warm water, I inserted it in her rear and opened the clamp where it would run slow, I was going to try and get her as built up to climax as she had done me. When she turned on her back I could see her tight little stomach swelling up from the enema, and could feel the cramps roll up and down her intestines with my hand, while the other hand played with her nice firm fully erect nipples, she reached down and started to finger herself, I took her hand and told her I would do that for her, if she must play with something, play with my dick. The fuller she got the tighter her pussy got, when she got to the point that I knew she was going to cumn, I quit, by now she had my dick worked up and I was starting to feel my cumn rising again, I didn't want to cumn right now, I told her to let it rest while I let her rest, by now the enema bag was empty and I took the tube out of her nice tight little butt.

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  I decided to work her up one more time and let her cumn, because she was really having cramps from her enema, when she relaxed and straightened her legs out I began to rub her pussy real fast, it didn't take but a few seconds for her to be real close to climax, I stuck my finger in her, you talk about tight and wet, she was both, about the time she cumn the enema made her cramp and her tight pussy clamped down on my two fingers so tight I could hardly move them in and out. After she had gone to the toilet and we had rested for a while, she put some vasoline on my dick and started to massage very gently while I was standing in the middle of the bedroom, she then began to walk around the room massaging my dick, when I would start to tense up or stop walking she would stop massaging, she walked me through the house and out the pattio door, our yard has a 6 foot wood privacy fence, the nearest neighbor is about a block away, I have walked around the yard nude several times, she sat me down in a lawn chair and quit massaging my dick just before I shot my juice all over the patio, she then stood next to me so I could get to her hot pussy, I decided that if she could lead me I could lead her, I got up with my finger in her and started to walk, she wiggled and fucked my fingers all over the yard, she said I have got to cumn, I told her to hold off and quit fingering her, but left my finger in her. She took my hard dick in her hand and started to work it and got me really close to cumn, then she said lets do it together, I lay down on a chase lounger and she straddled my and sat on my hard dick, and we both let it go. She told me she liked to take enemas and have sex out in the open, I told her it didn't sound bad, we might try a camping trip with the kids sometime. That will be another story. .

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