Deibra's Double Dicked by Dad & GranDad


Deidra’s Double Dicked by Dad & GranDad      Background:  Globally, edible animals & plants almost exhausted; remaining rarities exclusively breed, to be served (with freshly baked bread, also now unavailable to most) to top 8% in wealth & power.   Our own genetics developed demographic of 69%  eligible age girls, but fewer than 4% virile fellows; with 16% under age, 8% over/unable; thus all ovulating lasses encouraged to engage in reproductive activities as often as possible).  Catabolism accepted, with system selecting unproductive people as protein for vast majority, yet anybody may have honor of high hierarchy hosting him or her as “gastric guest” (often getting fucked or butt of some sick fun before being food).
        (Star of story) Deidra appears as typical teen tart of her time and town; usually wears no panties (unless need to briefly pacify protective parent until out of elder’s sight), owned no bra (no harm in anyone touching or tasting titties), and bare belly cheerleader style shear attire clearly shows sexy assets, especially in certain lighting. Yet this cherished child kept vow of virginity, until turns age 18, teasing many men, yet emotionally, more than her heart secretly belongs to dear Daddy.    Mommy moved through tummies month ago, after medical exam confirmed menopausal, resulted in her soon being menu of family.   Upon entry into “Ladies’ Last Lotto”  (motto: “If Fertility’s Finished - offer Self as Fine Feast“) immediately own fertile family won first choice to make meal of Mom.  
Her father (free for remarriage after fourth wife was ‘won’ and wound up, willingly, unwounded, swallowed whole by an 80’ boa before bulging bellied beast became fricasseed-intact (as is, uncut until after cooked, then carved by cuddled cuties craving such immoral meal) feast for eighteen girls (each age 18, unvirgined as eating vorishly formerly feed fem‘s flesh, fresh within quickly cooked snake‘s meat-softening stomach), as 8 proven fathers (all over 40 in age & in top 8% of best at sex of sector’s most influential fellows, prolific producers personally potentially parent, sibling, or cousin of all 18 since rich rarely involve outsiders as bearers of heirs, yet often breed for purpose of producing later long-pig primium meats) dined on 8’ diameter oyster (& auspicious prize packaged inside) served raw, after allowing bi-valve’s digestive system to just begin to tenderize voluptuous vixen {excellent example of offspring sired double-decade ago before birth  body became brief burps by brotherly brood} who voluntarily enjoyed intensive tonguing entire exterior <+ genetically engineered giant phallic-tentacles entering all orifices & injecting digestive juices> & stimulating lass until eventually asphyxiated in enclosed, submerged shell) - oh, yeah, back to this story -  Deidra’s Dad + his Dad (along with 8th month pregnant age 26 sexy wife), and an uncle (with pair of age 22 twins, eighth time incestually conceived extended tummies <unaware tomorrow expecting duo designated to report to closest community kitchen for “recycling“) - again, getting back on track, Deidra’s Dad, Gran-Dad, Uncle, & (day before both being menu) twin cousins assisted Deidra in preparing, cooking, serving, and (most of all) making meal of her mother (moist meat tasty after spiced with sexy sauces of all involved).    Mother also assisted in earlier process, trying to teach Deidra tactics to better compete with gaggles of aggressively sexual young girls vying for all available guys.   Deidra knew Mom’s heart ached when learned lurid, essentially nude (proudly promoting exposed prime pubic organs in public) even rudely intruded onto own bed to be breed by huge handsome hubby when she worked nights. Deidra never knew lewd ecstasy of taking cock into cunt; until month after Mom’s yummy-me-to-your-tummy (eat it all, or means you don’t like me) meal, snuck into sleeping Papa’s bed between over-night visits of few of her freely fucking friends.   Jealous juvenile (elated at last age 18, yet sadly without busy Daddy saying, celebrating, or doing anything special for her) stealthily slides nude into Daddy’s bed, juts butt so spooned sleepy papa’s prick soon probing unknown imps slippery slit.   Assuming another teen tart (from previous passionate ‘adult play’) returned to feel his full size cock stir & spew sperm into her sex-starving snatch, half-aware, his upper hand gropes eager girl’s growing globes, as lower hand finds way under narrow waist so skilled fingers gently thrill fresh fem’s frontal genitalia as his strong groin muscles slowly shoves massive manhood into this extra tight twat until hits hymen and continuing to tear through, hears daughter unsuccessfully trying to stifle a       His eyes widen as awakens, dim lighting allowing sight of dear daughter doing what she naughta’; yet looking & feeling so sexy, as nympho nookie nestles his erection so nicely.   Saying “NO” as he (impolitely) pulls out of her {oh so perfect pussy}, and backs away {from her beautifully feminine figure}, spotting a little blood {between soft yet firm cheeks of her desirable derriere}, bolts off bed and into bathroom.   Heart racing, shivering, sends com signal, then takes cold shower to wash away blood staining his stiff dick and abated balls; and sin of first incestual insertion (instead of Gran-Dad, as ancestor earned by siring 69 more girls <vs. his 28> and having heftier fucking dick & gonads, as compared to his well hung organs).

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          Deidra comes in, pleading “Pappa, please don’t deny me same sexual pleasures you frequently gave more than a few of my friends.   Today I’m 18, an adult, and deserve to be passionately loved by a man I trust, … you. ”  Leaning over, she changes water temperature to comfortably above bodily 98, and looks directly at his dick (only inches away) as licking her lips, says “the blood on my sore pussy proves you’re first to enter my virgin vagina. ”   Stepping onto tub’s edge, one hand on his shoulder, other groping his butt; she lifts left leg to hug his hip and rubs her slippery pussy against his stiff shaft, as her ripe round breasts brushes his hairy chest.  
“Pa-leease, Pa-pa, I know Gran-Pa’s got debs, but we discussed;
I debated about how this debutante doubts my virgin vagina would wrap around Gramp’s grandiose dick, without splitting me open, and we don’t want wounds as reason for empty womb, which could end in me getting cooked before giving birth to at one gran-daughter for you.   Generous Gran-Pa defers as I prefer, as I’ll offer second cherry to his senior shaft, (I’ve enjoyed feeling turds size of his colossal column squeezing out my anxious-for-his-action ass) after enema empties if he desires, but he implied ready to ram my randy rectum any time I’m willing.   But before Gran-Pa, I first give myself to you … pa-leeazz  Pa-Pa … feed your plump penis into my sex-starving vagina …  finish introducing your virile cock into my fertile cunt “
Candy sighs as her hand goes from father’s fanny to move one of his to hers, then dainty digits guides bulbous top of Papa’s throbbing erection to vertically stroke target of teen’s taut twat’s wet lips.   Her looped around left foot forces father’s hesitant hips forward, “… as is your obligation to seed every ovulating girl of age” she continues as seductively snuggles closer so siren’s small slit stretches and engulfs first few inches of father’s phallus plowing up her pliably impulsive pussy.
“Ooooh,  sooo biggg, Gaahh” girl groans “ … but …” (pouting eyes looking up to his) “friends said would feel so …. Urggh” (as another inch sinks in) “ Pa-pa, pleeasse help eeasse  me … in learning  pleasure , not  pain ,  of  passionate love by a caring man” wounded woman whimpers as hugs her afraid-to-move father, as his cock naturally glides gradually further up girl’s incredibly snug snatch! 
        Her right leg also wraps around Daddy’s buff belt-line, so with her soft hands on his strong shoulders, and his supporting her wiggling rump (thighs spread wide), she leans back so both see below shower water flowing over her jiggling jugs as her hips shift and watch as second half of his long dong disappears into her pinkish pussy {puckered due to his thick hard prick pushing slit’s soft <& super sensitive> folds of skin in along with it}.    She shutters as pain’s replaced by orgasm.   Feeling his experienced one-eyed snake kiss miss’s cervix, he must admit daughter’s pussy’s perfect fit for his proudly paternal prick.   “O - O … Yeee-esss … mmmm” miss moans, as orgasm eases.              Deidra gasps, then grins as Gran-Pa gains access into steamy shower (squatting behind & below her, grabs & spreads her humping-halted rump to inspect as Pa-Pa’s paws hug her snugly), elders deep voice says to son “thanks for telling me I’m too late to take gran-daughter’s vaginal virginity, I came immediately, thus I hope she’s open to inviting me to have my pole as first up her tiny hinny hole” (as his index finger intrudes into her there).   Deidra appreciates Gran-Pa diplomatically avoiding disclosing their private discussion, yet while didn’t predict he as first to fuck her ass simultaneous as Daddy’s dick deeply drilling her vagina’s maiden voyage, she couldn’t deny ancestor her ass, and dream of this double-dicking is coming sooner than expected.

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Over her shoulder, she says to lower, older relative (after his tongue teases ass via licks, one, then two thumbs thrust up her anus, as his hands massage her soft cheeks) “my ass accepts your ancestral insertions any way you want”.   Then as Gran-Pa stands so she feels foot-long dong shoved along lower back, until hairy balls bump her ripe rump, then drag down again so bulbous top of his dick is brought to bottom of her broadened butt, next to Daddy’s dick {nestled so nicely in her pleased pussy}, Gran-Pa inquires “so is Deidra ready for me to insert second dick into your seductive derriere?”  Trying to avoid sounding rejective yet doubtful dick-filled pussy flexible enough for BOTH big dicks to fit in at once, she replies “my ass is anxious to accept Gran-Pa as first erection up rectum, yet pussy’s stuffed with Pa-Pa’s plentiful penis, so please don’t try to double-pack pussy now. ”  Nibbling nymph’s neck, Gran-Pa’s legs & hips gently jut up, he whispers in her ear “I never thought of fitting in same hole when your father’s already further up & fills our girl’s gash so completely; so we’ll just push and feel which of your holes accepts my cock” (as his hands hold hinny spread widely).    
During Daddy’s next thrust, nuts nudge Gran-Pa’s probing pole back, as her cheeks’ slopes keep searching cock’s crown centrally-alined, as “pppffft” Deidra’s excess gastric gases escape out end (in part due to Pa-Pa’s pounding penis? or subconsciously inspired as method to relax rectum at right time?) opening anus enough for “AAAGhh” she groans, “Ummp” Gran-Pa grunts as his bulb pops up into previously one-way orifice.   Shower water and neighboring nookie’s liberal lubrications allows more of manly invader up welcoming woman’s tiny hinny hole.  Sandwiched lovingly between much more massive men, Deidra’s double fucked, upright, in shower, for over an hour (after first as described, she’s rotated so Pa-Pa’s up tight rectum & Gran-Pa’s pumping pussy, then Gran-Pa’s (penis implant allows fat cock to stay inflated)  alternates posterior plugging as bend-butt beauty mouth’s Daddy’s drained dick; finale has her inverted in standing 69 with Gran-Pa’s bearded face tickles teen’s tush as expertly munches creamed muff & gapping ass as she lavishly licks & sucks his drained dick (as Pa-Pa prepares brunch).  

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