One of my ultimate fantasies come true


Topic: A Beautifull ViewWell I must say it's quit trill writing about what happened to me recently.  It was a few weeks ago that a new family moved next door, being the good neighbor that I am I off course went over to welcome them in the their new house. I immediately noticed the sweet young and sexy daughter, who seemed definably not older then 13. She smiled at me with the teasing seductive look some teenager-girls have at that age. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, being occupied with her parents who invited me for a cup off coffee. They were kind people with whom I immediately felt friendly. When it slowly began to turn dark outside I decided I would best be heading home to be able to see my favorite show on TV. So thought so done, but before I went to my cozy sofa for a night of TV indulgence, I decided to get into my pj’s first so I would be completely comfortable. So I went up to my bedroom, but the sight when I entered my bedroom door was incredible. I saw through my window the little girl undressing. She was stunningly beautiful. That soft young virgin skin with those little mosquito-bites-like breasts and that sweet round young tight ass. OMG I immediately felt an erection coming just from the sight of my sexy neighbor’s daughter. She then quickly got into her pj’s and turned the light down. The entire night I was thinking while I was masturbating about her virgin body and how much I wanted to touch her soft virgin skin. The next evening I waited in my dark room hoping to see another glimpse of her body and after waiting for 40 min.


   my patience was rewarded big time.     She again undressed with the curtains open and went lying on her bed stark naked and began to masturbate. At that moment my cock was hard as a rock and ready to jump out of my pants, so I obliged and started masturbating with her.     At first she was quit calm stroking her little young clit but then started to become more passionate about it and began to move her hips. One hand went to a nipple on those small little breasts of hers and then she began to climax and I with her. We almost came simultaneously. This went on for a few days and nights until one evening I saw her bring in her dog, a beautiful big Labrador, she told him to sit down, which he did and started to undress her, then went on her bed starting to rub her clit, suddenly the dog came to her and sniffed her little pussy and start licking it.     I didn’t know what I was seeing, but god was it hot, a little 13-year-old girl being liked by a big Labrador. And the best part was that she seemed to like it very much cause she came quit quickly. Suddenly I noticed a big red thing hanging from the dogs’ belly and realized that that red thing was his cock and that licking the little girl’s pussy juices was arousing the Labrador himself.     Suddenly she got up from her bed and sat on the ground next to the dog and reached with her hand to the dogs’ cock and started masturbating her dog. He stood still enjoying what his little mistress was doing to his erect cock.     I then saw her putting her head under his belly and started to lick the cock and taking it into her young mouth. After a while she came back up and got on all fours with her ass facing my window and her dog. He immediately got the point and started mounting her.

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   I now had a perfect view from her behind with the dog on top of her trying to find her little fuck hole, then I saw her hand guiding the dog cock into her pussy on which the dog instantly began to fuck her…I was so occupied watching her that I forgot about myself, but now my erect and stone hard cock was jelling to come out and be released of the pressure. So I start masturbating being careful I didn’t cum to soon so I could fully enjoy the best show of my life. While masturbating I saw her cuming to her climax but the dog kept on going and she came twice, then I saw the dog fucking her faster and then he paused and I knew he shot his dog sperm right into that “virgin” pussy, some dog-cum was dripping out of her pussy while I noticed that she and the dog apparently had to wait until his cock could come out her vagina and when it did a big flow of cum gush onto the floor. On this moment I came with such a trust of electric bliss like I never felt before in my life. The dog was now licking her pussy clean of his cum. She slowly got up and fetched a towel to clean up the floor and got into her pj’s and went to bed. That night I did some thinking about my little, young dog-fucking neighbor daughter and how I would be able to see more and even experience this scene more up close.
both parents were leaving for work, after they long gone I went to her house and rang the bell, she came to the door wearing a t-shirt and short tight trousers. I said hello and asked if I could come in and she opened the door.     I decided to tell her immediately about what I knew, she turned red and looked very ashamed of herself indulging herself sexually with her dog. She then looked into my eyes and asked me not to tell her parents, they would be so angry and would possibly make rid of the dog and grounding her for life.     I then calmly told her not to worry if I could watch her do it with her dog, she looked shocked and wanted to decline, but I said ‘I can always tell your parents what you did” and so she decided to accept the terms. I told her I would very much like to see her fucking her dog now but that it would be best if she would come to my place I order not to get caught by her parents, just in case. So she called her dog ‘Tony’ and went with me quit ashamed and confused in her feelings. Arrived at home I told her to get undressed with she did but very uncomfortable, probably because I was the first man for her to do so.

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  Now I could take a close look at her young sexy smooth body, I asked her to turn around so I could see all sides of her, when her little round tight ass was facing me, I told her to bend over slowly so I could see her 2 fuck holes up close. To my big surprise I could see that her pussy lips were already wet from excitement and knowing that she would feel that dog-cock in her pussy again. I let my fingers slide over her ass cheek and touch her soft pussy lips, I slowly slide a finger into her pussy and she couldn’t suppress a moan and asked if she was ready to be fucked as the dog-bitch she was. Full of excitement and lust she couldn’t but reply ‘yes’Well first you must suck his cock sweetie, so she went to her dog and started to stroke him on his belly, him knowing what this meant he brought his penis out so she could rub it and suck it…She was really horny and sucked real fast and hard on her Tony’s cock, then I told her to turn around and let him mount you. So she got on al fours with her ass and pussy facing Tony’s face, he start licking her, but not for long cause he mounted her and started to make fuck moves, but I noticed he couldn’t find her pussy-fuck hole so I helped him find it. She moaned loud when his cock entered her pussy. My cock was so hard and ready to be loosed so I pulled him out and started rubbing him. I walked around so I could see all perspectives of this dog fucking this virgin-like-13-year-old-sexy girl. When I was in front of her face I told her to look up and start sucking my cock. Which she eagerly did. Her young wet mouth and the sight of her dog fucking her made me cum very quick, I shot my lode right in her mouth and I told her to swallow it all, which she tried but didn’t succeed a few streams of cum ran over her chin. Now she began to moan louder as she came to a climax because the dog was shooting his cum deep into her pussy. After a minute the dog dismounted her and the dog-cum ran out of her pussy, this sight made me hard again, so I kneeled behind her and shoved my hard cock into her pussy, wild fucking her, which made her cum again and at the same time I shot my second load in her young teenage pussy. I stood up and threw her a towel so she could clean herself up. SO my little dog-bitch, I hope you liked it, cause I want to do this as frequent as possible from now on… do you hear.

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  Yessir she replied…To be continued.  

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