"That cock-sucking, twat-licking, got-my-panties-in-a-Goddamn-bunch, fucking cunt-whore bitch!"

I looked over at Melvin.

"I can’t fucking believe this shit!"

We were sitting in the very back of a large, stuffy warehouse crowded to the gills with the local S&M and hardcore fetish crowd, at a string of tables covered with every small sex-aid and adult toy imaginable.

Melvin - the large (well, fat, but he’s a friend, so I’ll be generous), balding gentleman ripping out the expletives sat just to my left, reading the newspaper. His little tirade turned some of the latex-masked heads perusing the tables our way.

I laughed at him.

"Jeez, Mel, calm down. You look like you’re going to have a heart attack. "

He slammed the paper onto the table, and jabbed his finger at a picture of a smartly-dressed, plain-Jane, middle-aged woman, arguing with a group protesting outside the steps of the state capital.

The two of us were relaxing at the tables, while on stage, Angela - Melvin’s Mistress/Business Partner/Hermaphrodite Lover/Adopted child - enthusiastically whipped away at Julie, one of my own sex slaves.

Julie was bent over at the waist, locked into a stockade at the edge of the stage and naked except for a featureless, black leather mask covering her face. Angela was wearing her usual uniform of choice, a dark green velvet dress that was practically painted over her tight, curvy figure, with her favorite stiletto-heeled boots laced halfway up her thighs.

As I watched, Angela reared back with the riding crop in her hand and let Julie’s ass have it. Julie’s body jerked forward and the crowd around the stage cheered.

Angela looked like she was having fun. I don’t know about Julie.

Melvin was fuming.

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"Whoever voted for that cunt should be taken down to the river and shot. "

The woman in the power suit looked familiar. I looked closer at the article. The headline read: ‘Local Sex Industry Warned!’ And in smaller print: ‘State Rep. Susan Manning Takes the High Road on the Sex Industry’.

"Huh. " I said.

Melvin looked at me.

"Whaddaya mean, ‘huh’?

"I know her. She and her family have shopped at my store for years. " I pulled the paper closer so I could read the rest of the story. "In fact, she hurt her back on a ski trip a few weeks ago, and the last time I saw her at the store, I carried her bags out and helped her get into her car. "

"You’re kidding me. "

"No, seriously. " I thought about it a second.

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   "It was right before I left for California. "

"You should’a clubbed the bitch and dumped her in the trash. "

The article praised Mrs. Manning for her new bill that was working its way through the state legislature, something some conservative lawmakers were labeling as ‘a call for a new day of decency for our fine state’. She was working to get funding and zoning restrictions for any type of strip club, massage parlor or adult specialty store, pretty much handcuffing (no pun intended) the sex industry here in town.

I could see why Melvin was pissed.

Between the two of them, he and Angela each owned several adult stores (among other things), all of which probably sent the local soccer moms into convulsions whenever they passed by in their minivans and SUVs.

"She’s not that bad, Mel. "

"Not bad my ass. " He paused and re-lit the stub of his cigar. "In fact, if I got my hands on her, I’d fuck her ass until she bled, then throw her into the Maze for the boys to have fun with. " He took a long puff, and blew the smoke out the side of his mouth. "Turn her into the little slut she really is under all that repressed, prude-lawyer shit. "

I laughed again.

"You think I’m kidding? That bitch is the reason we’re sitting here in this dump tonight, instead of at the convention center, like we should be. 


Melvin and Angela were part-sponsors of a yearly bondage/fetish merchandise trade show. I vaguely remembered they ran into some problems this year, and couldn’t get the permits they needed to set up at the new convention center. Instead, they had to rent out a series of warehouse spaces in the deep industrial district from sympathetic local businesses.

I nodded at the hundreds of leather and stud clad people roaming the floor.

"Not a bad turnout, though. You’ve got to admit, having the show here has a kind of sleazy appeal. "

He grunted.

"Yeah, the hardcore freaks’ll find us wherever we end up. But it’s those weekend creepies, the ones that take their kids to private school in their new Beamers, then play dress-up at night when their kids are asleep; they’re the one’s that get antsy when they’ve gotta drive into the ghetto. " He chomped thoughtfully on his stogie, puffing away. "Not that the freaks’ money isn’t any good, there’s just a lot more that never makes it to the table if we’re hiding way out here, y’know?"

"So it’s all about the money. "

He shrugged.

"Well, yeah. Losing cash always pisses me off, for sure. But this bitch.

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  . . " He stubbed his cigar out on her picture. "She’s the worst type of cunt-fuck politician. She ran for office as a fucking Democrat for Crissakes, claiming to be for this liberal issue or against that one, whatever, and y’know: ‘vote for me ‘cause I care about this and that and blah, blah, blah’. . . " Melvin stretched as he spoke, popping his thick neck. "And then once she got elected she turned right around and forgot about the folks who believed her stinking pile of bullshit and voted her in, and now she’s using her office to promote her own fucking pseudo-Christian conservative agenda. "

Melvin paused for a breath.

"You voted for her, didn’t you?"

He glared at me, and laughed.

"Fuck you. " He sighed.

"I didn’t know you were politically involved. "

"Matt, anything that potentially affects my income, my livelihood, I want to know about.

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  " He leaned closer. "Folks think I’m a sick, perverted, dumb old bastard. " He poked me in the shoulder and grinned. "Well, I’m a sick bastard, that’s true. But I have never, never been stupid when it comes to business or politics. "

"So you admit to being old, then?"

He leaned back.

"I prefer to think that I’m aging gracefully. "

He looked at the paper, almost wistfully.

"That bitch has done everything she can to fuck things up for a lot of people in this business, a lot of folks we know. And worse. " He looked at me again. "You hear about the ‘Homeless’ bill?"

That had been big news last summer, while I was away. After it passed, the police rounded up most of the local street people and homeless families and relocated them, ‘for their welfare and for the continued safety and beautification of our neighborhoods and business districts’.

I nodded.

"She’s a fucking fascist cunt, and if I had the chance, I’d find as many of those bums she had moved out to the sticks and let them hate fuck her until she had to use a fucking wheelchair for the rest of her goddamn life.

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I waved my hand at Angela, who was finishing with her demonstration. Julie hung limply in the stockade now, her back and buttocks glowing with angry, red welts.

"Well, why not? You punish people for kicks all the time. "

He shook his head. "Nope. It wouldn’t be enough to just fuck with her. I’d want to teach the bitch a lesson, sure. But. . . " He drifted off, shrugging. "She’s already screwed things up. This stuff she started has a life of its own now. It’s gonna keep on building, no matter what happens to her. "

"Melvin, you know your problem?"

"What’s that, besides the bad case of jock itch I got from reading this shit?"

"You’re too short-sighted.

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  " I grinned at him. "I’ve got an idea. "

I brainstormed a little for him, and as I jabbered away, Melvin started to smile.

"Goddamn, Matt!" He clapped me on the shoulder when I finished. "I knew there was a reason I liked you. " He reached for another cigar, shaking his head. "And people say I’m a sick fuck. That’s so twisted, it’s beautiful. "

It took about a week and a half before I saw Susan again.

I was just leaving my store, getting ready to go out for a late lunch, when she pulled up in her new Lexus. I stepped off the sidewalk in front of her car and waited to help her as she got out. She was moving a little gingerly, like her back was still bothering her.

As I told Melvin, I’ve known, or rather, waited on, Susan and her family since I bought the chain of little markets I own, maybe ten years ago now.

Susan and her husband Mike were both lawyers, both in their late 40’s, and wealthy. They had two kids: a tall, willowy teenage girl named Rachel, who was probably a junior or senior in high school, and a son who was a couple years younger.

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   Both of the kids took after their dad, physically; they were tall, slim, and athletic with dark hair and complexions. And keeping with the family tradition of prestige, they both went to private school and drove their own, brand-spankin’ new BMWs.

Mike’s family owned a lot of prime downtown real estate, shipping companies, restaurants and other businesses, along with a fair amount of farmland they were now busy developing in the outlying areas of town. Mike quit his job as a corporate shark a few years ago, shortly after his father passed away and he inherited pretty much everything.

His family was big-time players in local politics too. Money can buy a lot.

The whole family reeked of the snobby attitude that went along with having that kind of money. Susan had been an especially cold fish when I’d first met her, but over the years, she’d gradually warmed up to me, and now she’ll actually stop and converse with me.

One day I realized that I hadn’t seen Susan with Mike for quite a while, and asked her how he was. Susan told me that she and her husband had separated, but quietly, for the sake of their careers, and their kids were living with him in another house across town, partly so they could be closer to school, and because Susan was gone because of work so often.

The news didn’t come as much of a shock to me; I rarely saw the two of them together, even before the separation, and when I did they barely spoke two words to each other. Not a great marriage, but whatever works. Susan had managed to parlay her husbands name into a thriving political career, and if he didn’t seem to mind, well, more power to her.

I held my hand out for her as she opened the car door, and she took it with a smile.

She swung her legs out, and I tried to not stare too openly.

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I’ve never seen Susan wear any make-up, and the only times I’ve ever seen her without a suit and skirt, she was usually out for her daily run or she was heading up to the mountain to go skiing in the winter or hiking during the summer. She always wore her straight, dishwater blonde hair cut short around her shoulders, and other than a pair of thin silver hoops in her ears and her wedding ring, she rarely wore any jewelry.

When I first met her, ‘mousy’ was the term that came to mind.

But as plainly as she presented herself, she was in great shape, even well into her 40’s. You had to look twice to notice, but she was short and shapely, with great legs and a nice, round ass and hips that tapered into a tiny, tight waist capped with firm, full breasts.

But I digress.

Always the voyeur, I admired her legs, running my gaze up her muscular calves as I helped her ease out of the car. She moved hips first, and I smiled as her legs spread open, surprising me with a nice crotch shot.

I should possibly note here that she was wearing a pair of black stockings under her light grey skirt. Very nice.

She stood up and smoothed her skirt back down and straightened her suit jacket.

"Thanks. " Susan smiled up at me. Even in heels, the top of her head barely reached my chin.

"Don’t mention it.


  " I smiled back at her. "You’re here early today. "

She shut the door and locked her car. She shrugged.

"We’re out of session," she explained, "and I’ve got a long weekend, so I was going to stock up on girl-flicks, pizza and ice cream, then lock myself in the house and work on getting fat. "

She patted her stomach. No way was she going to be getting fat anytime soon, and I took the opportunity to flirt a little.

"Fat. Right. "

"You think I’m kidding? I’ve gained so much weight since I hurt my back, it’s not funny. "

"Huh," I said, twirling my finger in a circle. "Let’s see. "

She gave me a strange look.

"Now you’re kidding. "

"Nope," I grinned.


   "Let’s check you out. "

A slow grin spread across her face, and she raised her arms and did a quick little turn for me.

"Well? Everything you hoped for?" she asked.

Hell yes.

"I was gonna go for a bite to eat. . . how about keeping me company?"

Susan’s mouth popped open.

"You’re serious. "

I twirled my car keys.

"Time’s a-waistin’, and there’s a little bistro downtown calling my name. "

This was totally out of left field for her, and I wanted to see how game she might be.

It just took her a second to make up her mind.

"Yeah. Okay, sure.

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  " She looked at my keys. "Do you want to drive, or should I?"

Gotcha, I thought.

I drove.

The downtown metro area had once been a thriving seaport back in the 1800’s. Most of the current skyscrapers and businesses had been built over the old buildings, or the old architecture had just been reclaimed and refitted for modern use. Rumor has it that a number of secret entryways connected many, if not all of the older buildings to a huge, elaborate network of tunnels running underground that stretched from the wharves and docks back for miles out into the hills and towards the current industrial areas.

Supposedly the tunnels were used for smuggling every sort of contraband under the sun: alcohol, drugs, weapons, and women - you name it - even as recently as the early 1940’s and ‘50’s. Folks new in town, venturing out into the bars and other, less savory establishments for a night of gambling, drink and fun might find themselves drugged and shanghaied, waking up on a ship somewhere at sea. Some of the surviving bars and hotels now boasted of ghosts and hauntings, spirits left over from the wild frontier days.

The tunnels and the entries to them, if really there were any, had been filled in and boarded up by court order back in the late 1950’s. Melvin, while doing some construction in one of his porn shops, had stumbled onto the entries for dozens of the tunnels.

Melvin explored his find a little and found that, for the most part, the tunnels were still in decent shape. So he excavated and turned the tunnels running under his property into a playground for the more adventurous swingers in town.

He calls his deviant little theme park ‘The Maze’.

And, as in the old days, if you decide to venture inside, into the tunnels, looking for whatever twisted sexual thrill you might find, you do it at your own risk.

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   Melvin swears some people, entering of their own free will, haven’t come back out, and he won’t go in looking for them.

Or so he says.

It’s a nice little bit of publicity that spread around the underground sex scene like wildfire. Now there’s rarely a night when the sex crowd doesn’t turn out in force, waiting to try their luck down in the Maze.

Here’s the way The Maze works: The tunnels open for business at midnight, and stay open until the early hours of the morning. The customer picks one of about a dozen doors, each leading to a certain type of fantasy scenario. Once you enter into the tunnel system, the heavy steel door shuts behind you and locks automatically, forcing you even deeper into the maze to try to find your way out.


The tunnels don’t just run in a straight line to an exit door. They twist and turn, doubling back in on themselves or branching out and leading to dead ends, different rooms, and the like. A couple of them wander on for miles. As you hunt for the exits, you have the opportunity to participate in whatever type of illicit scenario you stumble into.

Each tunnel has ‘em, and most have several different variations of a theme. And with some scenarios, well, with some you don’t get a choice in the matter.

Melvin has created some really perversely twisted surprises for anyone who decides to try their luck, and every type of fantasy is catered to. 

   Just to keep things fresh, he changes the scenarios once a month.

Plus, every corner of the excavated tunnels are monitored with video cameras, and, legal implications be damned, everybody in the Maze gets filmed and the video is recorded and feeds right into the store proper, playing on big screens for the enjoyment of the customers while they shop or wait to get into the tunnels themselves.

Again, the idea, the supposed risk, is the draw for most of the thrill seekers. And it’s been a cash cow for Melvin.

One of my new slaves, Nancy, followed me to the store a few months ago. Not the best decision on her part, maybe. She ended up getting attacked by a horny batch of customers, who chased her into the Maze. They caught her and raped her in a tunnel, until she bit one of them when he tried to force her to suck his cock.

Nancy managed to escape from the rapists, but Melvin and Angela found her just a few minutes later. She spent the next week chained, gagged, and filmed while being raped repeatedly by Angela, Mel and about twenty of their drugged up flunkies.

All in payment for a suit of clothes that Nancy thought I’d like to see her wear.

When they gave Nancy back to me, Angela was kind enough to send her along with a copy of the movie they made, as well as the clothes they put her through hell to get. I spent another week breaking Nancy in for myself, and once in a while, even now, I force her to watch the video while I fuck her in the ass.

You might ask how this all came about, and what any of this has to do with my lunch with Susan.

I’ll try to fill you in as we go along.

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We had a small wait at the restaurant. I chose this particular restaurant for a couple different reasons: It was really trendy, and I knew the chef.

Always good to know the staff when you’re trying to impress the snobby date.

And my friend Jeff, the chef, had told me about finding one of the old tunnel entries buried deep in a corner of the basement here. The building the restaurant was in dated back to the roaring heyday of the frontier.

I wanted my own access to the tunnels that ran under the downtown area, and unknowingly, Jeff had given me that access. So I wanted to check out the restaurant a little.

And Susan’s husband owned the property.

The hostess flashed us a perfect, toothy smile when we walked in. I mentioned that Jeff had recommended that I stop by for a snack. Dropping his name was enough for her to whisk us past the early dinner crowd gathered in the bar, and she led us into the restaurant to a booth with a great view of the busy street outside.

A pair of attractive women seated at a table whispered and turned their heads as we passed. They looked familiar, but I couldn’t place them, and I forgot about them as I helped Susan slide into the booth.

The hostess introduced us to our waitress, a tattooed and pierced young blonde, as I slipped into the other side of the booth, facing Susan, my back to the women at the other table. The waitress rattled off the evening specials, and after she took our drink order I snuck a look around.

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Jeff and his partner had gutted the space when they moved in, and refurbished it themselves. The space was large and wide open, but the way the booths were organized, each table had - almost - complete privacy.

The waitress returned with a carafe of ice water, a red wine for Susan and an ice tea for me. She poured each of us a glass of water, took our orders and left us alone.

Susan sipped her wine.

"Seems nice," she said. "Have you eaten here before?"

I shook my head.

"No, but I know one of the owners. As far as the food goes, anything he cooks or tells me to try, I’ll eat. " I spread my napkin out on my knee. "How about you?"

"No. I eat out a lot because of work, but I’ve never been here. I guess I’m a guinea pig, then?"

I grinned and squeezed some lemon into my tea.

She was staring at something behind me.

"You’ve caused quite a commotion back there.

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  " She nodded her head back the way we came.

"What do you mean?"

"Those women we passed got pretty worked up after they saw you. They haven’t stopped staring at me since we sat down. " She lowered her eyes and whispered, "Here comes one now. "

I thought she was teasing me, until a familiar voice said, "Hi Matt. "

I was married for a few years, and for a few years I had in-laws and a niece and nephew, who I’d managed to completely lose track of.

I looked up to find my old sister-in-law, Laura, smiling at me.

"Hi. " I said.

After my divorce, I lost all contact with Laura and her husband, Ken. In fact, the last time I saw Laura, she’d fallen asleep on a couch after making a drunken pass at me during her housewarming party.

Ken was upwardly-mobile and Laura was obsessed with appearances, so seeing her here shouldn’t have surprised me at all. It didn’t really. This was the perfect spot for her to hang out. In fact, now that I thought about it, I recognized the other two women at the table with her from the night of that party.

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"Katie said it was you!"

Laura held out her arms to me, and I stood up and gave her a hug.

It felt fantastic.

I remembered her smell from before, like the faint smell of flowers in a spring breeze, and I remembered the feel of her body against mine from few minutes we spent on the couch together at the party.

Laura and I had flirted on and off since we’d met, when she was engaged to Ken and I’d first started dating my ex-wife Jennifer. It seemed pretty innocent stuff, then, and over time Laura had slowly molded herself from a frumpy, chubby young woman into a hip, rather sexy yuppie.

We’d both gone through some changes over the years.

Reluctantly, I pushed away and had a look at her. She looked older than I remembered. She’d always been full-figured, with a tiny waist, and she’d put on a little weight. The extra weight looked good on her, rounding out her hips and filling out her breasts. She’d changed her hairstyle, too, from the short ponytail she used to wear. Now her ash-blonde hair was clipped short, close to her head in the back and around the sides, but she’d left her bangs long. She wore a beret shaped like a small rose in her hair that pulled her bangs so they hung down around her cheeks. She was wearing a pair of tan Capri pants and tennis shoes, with a black sweater over a white t-shirt.

I wondered how I could have forgotten about her.

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She was looking me up and down, too.

"Wow. Matt, you look great. " She had a curious look on her face. "You look. . . bigger. "

I cleared my throat.

"Personal trainer. "


I grinned. "No. Really, just good, clean living. "

Her mouth made a little ‘O’ as she took that in. I managed to disengage myself and introduced my date.

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"Laura this is Susan. Susan, this is Laura. "

The two women glared at each other over gritted teeth. I sat back down and wondered if there was going to be a cat fight.

Laura turned back to me and left Susan grimacing into her drink.

"You look wonderful too," I said. "It’s been a long time. "

We made small talk for few minutes, the way old acquaintances do, while Susan watched us quietly.

"You should call sometime, Matt," she said. "I’m sure Ken would like to get together for dinner, or. . . "

I grinned. I liked Ken, but hanging out with him now that I was on shitty terms with his sister didn’t really appeal to me.

"I dunno, Laura.


   I. . . "

Then she got excited and snapped her fingers.

"Hey! How would you like to go to the art festival with me, like we used to talk about?"

That was something else I’d forgotten about.

Laura and Ken had gone through a phase where they decided to collect ‘art’, and were enamored of this particular local painter. During a short period of flirtation, Laura had asked me to go with her to this weekend long festival.

I was never sure of Laura’s motives when she invited me, but mine sure weren’t pure when I agreed to go. And Ken and Jennifer didn’t seem to be aware of any issues regarding the two of us shacked up in a hotel alone for a weekend.

Unfortunately, it never happened.

"There’s one coming up in a few weeks, and I was going to go by myself, ‘cause Ken’s going to be out of town. " She rummaged around in her purse and found a pen.

"Here, let me give you my cell number. "

She scribbled a phone number on a napkin and handed it to me.

I glanced at it.


   "I still have your home phone somewhere too. I think. "

She looked a little uncomfortable.

"We moved again, out to Westlake, and Ken wanted to get rid of our land lines when we bought the new house. "

I caught Susan’s expression out of the corner of my eye. Ken was a big-time computer geek, and his firm was under contract with a bunch of the large, better-known companies in town. I knew he was earning some serious money, but they must be doing better than I thought to afford a place in Westlake.

Even Susan, whose husbands’ net-worth was easily in the umpteen-millions, raised her eyebrows.

"So this is the best way to get a hold of you?" I asked.

"Right. "

Laura looked over at her friends, who were arguing over their bill. She leaned over, and her scent wafted past me again as she kissed me on the cheek.

"I should probably go. " She slung her bag over her shoulder. "Call me if you want to come along?"

I nodded.

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She spared a glance at Susan as she left the table.

"Nice to meet you. Hope you have a nice dinner. "

Susan gave her a little, tight smile as Laura walked off.

"She seems. . . nice. How, um, do you know her?"

I grinned. A little jealousy right off the bat. That was a good sign.

We spent most of the meal talking about my minute-long marriage, and Susan slowly unwound after a few glasses of wine. Eventually the conversation wound its way back to her marriage and her kids. I asked her why she was spending the weekend alone, without her kids. She told me that they already made plans with their dad to go up to the mountain and spend the weekend camping.

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Midway through the main course, she excused herself to use the ladies room.

I pulled out my cell phone and watched her butt swish as she walked back to the restrooms.

Melvin answered after the second ring. I told him where I was, and who I was with, and he chuckled in disbelief.

"Don’t fuck with me Matt. "

I grinned at Susan’s ass as she slipped into the restroom.

"Never, Mel. She just went to the ladies room, so I need to make this quick. Remember what we talked about at the convention?"

"Of course I do. "

"This is the perfect opportunity to start. "

"You’re shitting me. " I heard him puff on one of his ever-present cigars. "You’re serious, huh. "

"Like a heart attack. But we don’t have a lot of time, Mel. 

   You’re in or you’re out, no qualms. "

He was quiet for a heartbeat, and then, "What do we need to do?"

I outlined my plan and gave him some quick instructions. When I finished, he chuckled again, and it was an unpleasant sound.

"You want Angela in on this?"

"No, not now. " I’d considered it, but this wasn’t quite her thing.

"We’re gonna need some muscle. "

"Yeah, I know. My man Roscoe is back in town. We’ll use him. "

I could picture Melvin rolling his eyes. "Do I know him?"

"No, but he likes hurting people. You’ll like him. "

"All right. I’ll get everything moving. You need anything else?"


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   But we’re going to try out your new stuff this weekend, too. "

He whistled. In addition to his other interests, Melvin also dabbled in some designer drugs. I didn’t need to use them to get what I wanted from Susan tonight, but Melvin had been itching for a situation to try them out.

"Damn. I love you like a son, Matt. You know that, dont’cha? After this, we should get together with Angela and celebrate. "

I grimaced. It was another story, but Angela had been trying to bed me since Melvin introduced us. And as twisted as my sexual appetites had become, the last thing I wanted was Angela’s dick in my ass.

Or mine in hers, for that matter.

"Mel, you call me if you need me. I’m going to keep Susan busy tonight, but I’ll be by in the morning. "

I told him how to get in touch with Roscoe, and we hung up.

Susan was still in the restroom, so I had still had a little time.

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   I fished a little paper packet from my pocket, tore it open, poured its powdery contents into Susan’s water and stirred it in.

I wiped my spoon clean as Susan walked back to the table. She wobbled a bit as she sat back down.

"You okay?" I asked.

She smiled sheepishly. "I’ve been on pain medication since I hurt my back, and I haven’t really had anything to drink for a while. " She reached for her water, took a sip. "I’m just a little woozy. "

"Maybe we should get a little fresh air," I suggested, "or would you like some dessert to go with that water?"

Susan took another sip and smiled. "I never got my ice cream. "

I signaled for our waitress.


By the time we finished dessert, she was flushed and breathing rapidly. And after I assured her there was twenty-four hour security at the mall, she agreed with me that it might be a better idea if I drove her home tonight, and she could pick up her car at the store tomorrow.

I drove her home and Susan leaned on me as I walked her to her door.

She had some trouble finding her keys, and I helped her open her front door when she couldn’t get the key in the lock.

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I wished her a good-night with a kiss on the cheek, and she threw her arms around my neck, pressing herself against me.

Looked like Mel’s little concoction was working just fine.

I enjoyed the kiss, sucking on her little wet tongue as it poked into my mouth. She panted as she kissed me, with quick, hot bursts, and I could taste the wine on her breath. She played with my hair, and I nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear, then pushed her away.

Susan grabbed for me, but I held her by her shoulders, looked into her half-shut eyes and said, "Susan, are you sure you want to do this?"

She tried to focus, blinking rapidly, then grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the house.

We made it into her living room, and she tripped and fell on the floor. I shut and locked the door, and turned to find her down on her knees and elbows, her ass up in the air and her head rolling, panting like a dog. I placed my foot on her ass, and her face mashed into her carpet.

I grinned as she moaned, her butt wriggling in the air. She was conscious, but just barely.

There’s something about a woman’s ass poking up at me that just blows me away, and I’d wanted to fuck this one for a long time now.

Melvin once told me that he never understood why men just didn’t pay for a night with a prostitute instead of dating women. His reasoning was that the price of an evening with a pro was usually about the same as an evening out with some regular bitch, and with a hooker, you always knew you’d be getting some at the end of the date.

I figured that tonight I’d spent enough on dinner to justify fucking Susan.

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So I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants, just about that fast.

I dropped to my knees behind Susan and unzipped her skirt, slipping it down over her hips until it bunched around her knees, and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, cupping her crotch.

She moaned, and her butt jerked up a little higher, pushing her pussy against my hand. A dark, wet patch stained her stockings, and I ripped them open, splitting them up her ass, then grabbed her black panties and ripped them apart too.

I pulled her bare ass closer, and leaned over and shoved my tongue into her pussy, making Susan groan again and shove her ass against my face.

I really hate going down on women, on general principle, but I had fun eating Susan out. By the time I pulled my dick out of my underwear, it was screaming at me to fuck her and she was soaking wet.

I straddled her, my legs outside hers, and pushed the tip of my dick into her pussy. It clamped down on me, and I bent over her back and grabbed her tits through her blouse.

Then I shoved my dick into her as hard as I could.

Susan’s head snapped up and she let out a wail as about six or seven inches, maybe half my cock, pounded into her cunt. I squeezed her tits tighter and held on as her entire body bucked and lurched underneath me.

"OhhhhGoddd. . .

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  !" Susan cried out and she wiggled and squirmed, but the drug had taken full effect and she didn’t have the strength to fight me off. Her arms couldn’t hold both of our weight, and she collapsed, face first, onto the floor, with my dick keeping her ass propped up in the air.

I pushed harder, slowly, until my belly slapped against her butt, and started ramming my hips against her ass as hard and fast as I could, shoving my cock into her until I came, blowing a load of cum into her so hard it oozed out of her pussy and down her legs.

I rolled her over, my dick still stiff and throbbing, wedged deep in her twat, and I ripped her blouse open down to her navel.

She was wearing a black satin bra that matched her panties.

"Ohhh. . . "

Her eyes rolled in her head and she drooled down her cheek as I leaned over and pulled the cups of her bra under her breasts. Her tits were amazingly firm; big and juicy, with hard, little brown nipples that stood at attention as I played with them.

"My, my, Susan, what nice titties you have," I chuckled as I ran my hands over her tight belly.

She was in fantastic shape. I could see the smooth muscles in her stomach twitch as I started to slowly fuck her,

Well, well, well, I thought. Look at Mrs. Snooty-Ass, Mrs.

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   Holier-Than-Thou, hot for dick.

She clutched at me with her hands, and I let her pull me down on top of her. I felt the warm flesh of her breasts press flat against my chest and the silk of her stockings as her legs wrapped around my back.

"Fuck me, fuck. . . me. . . " she panted.

I pressed my lips on her open mouth. This was going to be a lovely evening.

Susan woke up with a screaming headache.

"Oh, God. "

She groaned, threw off the covers and leaned over the side of her bed with her head nestled in her hands, willing the room to stop spinning.



That’s what you get for mixing pain-killer and wine, she thought.

Susan managed to stand up, and shuffled carefully into the bathroom, rubbing her swollen, tender eyes. Susan turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on her face, then grabbed a towel and looked up at herself in the mirror.

"Oh, God," she said again, and her mouth opened in horror, the towel frozen halfway to her face.

She was naked, with bruises that looked like fingers criss-crossing her breasts, her wrists and her ass. Her neck and shoulders were a mass of angry red hickies and bite marks, and more bite marks covered her nipples.

Susan desperately tried to remember what happened last night, but after dinner, only little bits and pieces came back to her.

She remembered feeling a little light headed because of the wine, and going to the restroom to try and clear her head. The walk seemed to help, but then during dessert she started feeling giddy again. And she remembered Matt suggesting that he drive her home. She’d agreed after he had to help her out of the restaurant and back to his car. And then Matt walking her to her porch, and kissing her cheek. . .

"Oh my God!" Her hand flew up to her mouth.


   "I threw myself at him!"

More bits came flooding back as her head slowly stopped swimming.

Susan remembered feeling incredibly horny during their drive home, and wondering if Matt knew. Remembered wondering what he’d do if she just leaned over and gave him head, like she used to do for Mike, back when they started dating. She remembered losing control and pulling him into her house, and, and. . .

"Oh my God!"

Just fragments now. Matt pulling at her clothes, lying on her, his hands moving over her, his mouth on her body. She remembered her first orgasm, the first orgasm she’d had with a man in years, Remembered Matt’s penis ripping into her. . .


Suddenly her legs quivered and the room spun around her, and Susan almost fell over as a wave of pain and lust ripped through her. She grabbed the counter until the room stopped spinning.

"I can’t believe you let him fuck you," she told herself in the mirror.

Susan shook her head at her own stupidity.

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For a second, she wondered if he’d drugged her, and then shook her head again. She’d been with him the entire meal, until she’d gone into the bathroom. She was already pretty drunk by that point, and she’d managed to do that all on her own.

She looked at her body again in the mirror. "Looks like he enjoyed himself," she muttered.

Susan patted her face dry with the towel and dropped it on the counter, then shuffled bow-legged back into the bedroom. She figured Matt left after he was finished, but noticed that the other side of the bed looked slept in. She looked around and found a trail of her clothes leading back into the living room, and followed them down the hall, picking them up as she went, wondering how she made it to bed.

She knew she’d been fucked hard - her pussy ached and her legs were sore - but even with the pain in her crotch, she still felt a little horny. She wondered what Matt looked like this morning. She found herself hoping that he was walking around as tenderly as she was, and grinned.

In the living room, she found her shoes and an open bottle of wine on ice with a card.

"Matt?" Susan looked around, wondering if he was still here.

When he didn’t answer, she dropped her armload of wrinkled clothes on the couch, opened the card, and read to herself:

‘Sorry I couldn’t stay, but you looked like you were going to sleep in and there were a few things I needed to take care of this afternoon. I thought you might be a little hungry when you woke up, so I left some ice cream in the fridge, and there’s pizza to go with the wine.

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   No movies - sorry, the Soaps’ll have to do. Enjoy lunch, and I’ll stop by tonight around 8-ish. Maybe we can go see something later. Matt’

A wonderfully warm little tingle washed through her as she read the letter, settling in her crotch.

Susan realized she was holding her breath and let it out with a whoosh. She tapped the card thoughtfully, and a little smile snuck across her face.

Damn him, she thought, unable to wipe the silly grin off her face. The last thing I need right now is to have an affair.

Lately, her career was glowing. In another four years, with her record and recent accomplishments - plus the help of Mike’s family name - she might have a realistic shot at Washington. She sighed, exasperated with herself. She and Mike had been so careful when they finally decided to split up and live alone - appearances were everything in their businesses. That was one of the few things they’d ever agreed on, and now Susan felt absolutely stupid to have been seen in public with Matt.

Inwardly, she kicked herself again. Who knew if anyone got any pictures of them together, or what kind of gossip might be circulating. 


She couldn’t get involved with a scandal. Not now, not with the decency bill still bouncing around, waiting for the voters. News of this would kill the bill and make her a laughing stock in her firm, in politics, even her social circles.

What the hell got into her, kissing him out on her porch, for all the neighbors to see? And drunk, too? God, just how dumb could she be?

Memory of the hickies and bruises covering her body popped back into her mind, and Susan groaned. How was she going to hide those? It was almost summertime; she couldn’t just pull a turtleneck over them.

She dropped the card and poured herself a glass of wine. She sipped at it while she pondered damage control.

How bad was this really?

Susan knew several of her female colleagues in both law and politics who kept lovers. But they were typically college students who were happy getting laid once or twice a week in return for a decent apartment, not grown men with a life of their own.

Susan wondered if Matt would settle for just a one-night stand.

Not that Matt wasn’t attractive. She’d always thought he was kind of cute, and he’d always been a flirt, even when she was still married. But if anyone found out that she was sleeping with some regular guy with no money, no aspirations. . .

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Well, that wouldn’t do.

She curled up naked on the couch with her glass and tried to think things out. The wine was making her warm, and she felt an odd tingling spreading through her. It made her smile, and she rubbed her belly, enjoying the sensation.

A brief memory, just a flash from last night flitted through her mind, of Matt, lying on top of her, his penis buried in her, gently stroking her stomach.

Susan almost spilled her wine as a wave of horniness flooded through her. She closed her eyes and remembered what she could of him last night, touching her.

She smiled at herself, and her thinking made a complete about-face.

"You got laid," she said out loud. "You got laid, you seduced him and brought him home and you got laid. "

Susan shook her head, that crazy little smile stealing back over her face. She suddenly felt almost proud of herself for getting a little out of control.

Matt was the first man she’d slept with since her separation. Even when she and Mike were living together the last few years, they never shared the same bed. And now she was always so damned busy with either work or dealing with her kids, she didn’t have a social life outside of the business dinners or political functions.

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Susan sipped her wine, pondering that thought.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to let him come over tonight, if she were careful. They could stay in for the evening and watch movies, or she could cook him dinner, and…

She grinned again, blushing, as a wild thought hit her out of nowhere. Susan felt her pussy get wet.

"Maybe I’ll seduce him while we’re eating. " She set her glass on the table, licked her lips and closed her eyes, fantasizing. "I’ll sit on his lap and feed him dessert with my fingers, and. . . "

Susan touched herself and her eyes fluttered closed as a warm, wet flood gushed over her hand. She squirted all over her legs and the couch as she climaxed.

"Oh sh-shit. . . "

She’d never done that before.

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   Not. . . ejaculating, like a man.

Susan kept rubbing her clit until her hips jerked and her orgasm subsided. She jumped up as her cum dripped down the inside of her legs and soaked the couch. She shook the moisture from her hand.

Oh God, I’m horny, she thought. And look at me. Here I am, trying to get smut banned from the state, and suddenly I’m masturbating over some guy who had sex with me while I was drunk enough to pass out.

Her stomach growled as she wiped at the wet beads running down her thighs.

She stepped towards the kitchen to hunt down that pizza, and thought again of Matt naked, here in her house with her.

Yeah, she thought. Okay.

Maybe she could him around for a little while longer.

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If she was careful.

Susan ate lunch, thinking how sweet Matt had been to bring her food, trying to ignore the hot tingling in her pussy.

Afterwards, she was still horny, enough to need a cold shower to try to cool off. It seemed to help. A little.

After her shower Susan slipped on a silk bathrobe and tried to watch television, snacking on the ice cream and sipping at the wine, but she kept fantasizing about what she wanted to do to Matt later, and she couldn’t seem to pay any attention.

She turned off the television, sighing.

He owed her for last night, she figured.

Susan took a bite of the ice cream and wondered if he’d lick her pussy if she put some down there for him to enjoy.

"Here’s your dessert, Matt," Susan said out loud with a giggle, and she shivered with pleasure as she used her finger to smear a glob of ice cream over her pussy. She spread her legs and rubbed it in. The ice cream was cold and sticky. She dabbed another finger-full onto her crotch, and her nipples popped up.

"Oh. Would you like some there, too?" She asked the empty room.

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   Susan ran her finger around the inside of the container and plopped a dollop of ice cream over each nipple.

"Well, come and get it," she giggled to herself, and spread her legs.

I’m going to need another shower after this, she thought, and closed her eyes.

By the time eight o’clock rolled around, Susan had finished off half the pizza, most of the ice cream and all the wine.

Three more cold showers later, and she was so horny she could barely sit still.

Around four o’clock, Susan had a sexual epiphany, and she hunted through boxes in her closet until she found an old vibrator someone had given her as a joke back in college. She managed to find some batteries that still worked in a junk drawer, and she spent the next several hours naked and spread-eagled on her bed, masturbating.

Where the hell is he? She thought, desperately jabbing the dildo into her soaking wet pussy. The dildo was slippery in her hand and the bedding underneath her was saturated with her pussy juice.

It seemed like the more she came, the more she needed to fuck.

This isn’t helping at all, she thought.

Somehow she knew she needed to fuck Matt.

When Susan finally heard the doorbell ring, she was in the middle of a rip-roaring orgasm. She was coming so hard and moaning so loudly that she missed the bell on the first ring, and she had to literally sit on the hand holding the dildo, breathlessly forcing herself to listen for the bell to ring again.


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Susan almost wept out of sheer frustration. Her crotch was burning like it was on fire, and the only thing she wanted was. . .

Wait. There it was again.

Susan bolted out of bed and ran to her front door. She pulled it open and stood there, naked and panting. Matt stood just outside, his finger halfway back to the ringer with a look of complete surprise.

"Hi," he grinned at her, and Susan launched herself out the door, jumping on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, kissing him wildly. She felt her pussy rub against his shirt and she groaned, her need for him welling back up like a hunger.

Fuck the neighbors, she thought. She was so horny now she would’ve fucked him right here on the steps, in plain view of God and the world.

"Oh God, finally. .


  . "

Susan rained kisses on Matt as he carried her awkwardly inside and kicked the door shut. He tried to set her down but she slid to the floor and fumbled with his belt, trying to get it unbuckled.

"Hey!" Matt caught her wrists, and she shoved her face against his crotch until he pushed her roughly away.

"Oh please, Matt, please, I can’t wait. Please let me fuck you," she begged breathlessly, straining to get her hands on him.

Matt grinned at her flushed face, her disheveled hair. But he tightened his grip and pushed her back onto the floor, and sat on her chest.

Then he noticed the smell.

"Lordy, Sue, you smell like a rotting clam. "

Susan moaned as her body took his weight, and she wiggled underneath him. Her hands groped at him until he pinned her arms under his knees.

He cupped her face, forcing her to look away from his crotch. "Looks like you’ve been having some, uh, fun while I was gone. "

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh please, oh please," she gasped.


   He grinned again.

"Persistent little twat. I can see why you’re such a good politician. " He patted her face.

She squirmed.

"Please Matt; I need you. . . right now, I. . . "

He shook her head with his hands, making her cheeks wiggle.

"You know, Sue, I won’t turn you down, but I’m going to make you a deal. You want to hear it?"

Susan tried to calm down. "O-okay.

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"Okay. Here’s the deal. " Matt gently played with her hair as he spoke. "We’re going to take this slow tonight, okay?"

She nodded.

"Good. First, since you’re so God-awful horny, I’ll let you give me a little blow job. How does that sound?"

Susan began panting uncontrollably, and a giddy smile lit up her face.

"Looks like that’s a yes. Cool. "

Matt unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans as he spoke.

"If you can make me come, we’ll get you cleaned up and dressed so you look cute, and then we’ll go to a movie like I promised. " He grabbed her by the hair with his free hand, pulling her head towards him. "I’ll give you a bath and dress you myself. " Susan moaned and almost came at the thought. "Then after the movie, I promise you’ll get all the sex you can handle.

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Susan managed to nod again, licking her lips.

"Good girl. "

He used his free hand to yank his pants down under his crotch and his dick plopped out onto Susan’s upturned face and slid off one side.

He was huge, bigger than she’d imagined, more than twice the size of the dildo she’d been jacking off with earlier. She looked at his cock with a mixture of lust and fear, wondering how she was able to take him last night, finally realizing why her pussy was so sore.

I must’ve been really drunk, she thought.

He grabbed his dick and plopped it back onto her face. It was hot and sweaty, and Susan licked him with the little pink tip of her tongue, making his cock twitch.

She grinned up at him and began slowly running her tongue up and down the bottom of his dick, watching it grow, until it hovered, pulsing, just above her face. He was so big; she wondered how he didn’t get dizzy and pass out from blood loss to his head.

Matt lifted his ass off her chest, his knees and all of his weight pressing hard into her upper arms.

Susan sucked in air as pain bolted up her arms.

"Oww. . . 


His dick slid down her face and Matt pushed the swollen, purple head into her mouth, cutting off her air with a gurgle.

Her eyes bulged with pain and shock, and she kicked and thrashed under him, but he grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms completely to the floor, shoving his dick deeper into her mouth. Susan heard her jaws crack as Matt used his hips to fuck her face, pushing harder with each thrust, forcing his cock into throat.

He never pulled out, just kept fucking her deeper and deeper. Susan gagged and vomited around his cock, spewing burning bile out from her nose, and she saw spots as her vision slowly turned red and hazy. She knew she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, and could feel her body getting weaker and weaker. She didn’t have the energy to fight him anymore, and her legs stopped kicking and just flopped to the floor, twitching.

She barely noticed when he was fully buried in her mouth, when his heavy balls smacked her chin and he started to viciously pump in and out of her mouth, pounding her head against the floor.

Susan listened to the smacking sound as his balls whacked her face, and she slowly faded away.

Suddenly, Matt jerked once and groaned. He squeezed her wrists painfully tight as he shot his load, filling her throat with hot, salty cum. He jerked again, spurting more of the sticky fluid into her, and then he slowly pulled out.

Tears of shame and fear and lust ran down the sides of her face as Susan choked and coughed the vomit and cum out of her nose and throat.


Matt patted her face and sat back on her stomach, stroking himself and rubbing his thick, wet cock on her tits. Another little twitch sent another spurt of hot cum into the air and over her shoulder, and he sighed happily.

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   He still had her upper arms pinned under his knees, but he’d let go of her hands, and Susan grabbed his dick in a death grip.

He’d almost killed her, but she’d never felt so fucking horny. Still gasping for breath, she started licking him clean.

"That’s my girl," he smiled down at her and pinched her nipples.

When she’d cleaned him to her satisfaction, she wiped the spooge off her face and grinned up at him.

"Did I do a good job?"

He stood up and she grabbed for him. Pins and needles exploded in her numb arms as the blood began to circulate again.

"A very good job. "

Matt bent over, picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder, making her giggle again.

"All right. Let’s go pick out some clothes. "

As he carried her into the bedroom, patting her bare ass, Susan wondered just what the hell was happening to her.

The bedroom smelled musky, of sex.

Matt took a look at the vibrator lying on the bed and the big, wet bed-stain and grinned.

"Nice dildo, Sue.

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  " He patted her ass again.

She grimaced, embarrassed.

"I wouldn’t have needed it if you’d stayed with me today. "

Matt carried Susan into the bathroom, propped her up in the shower and turned on the water. He stepped out of his clothes, and then slipped into the shower with her, taking her into his arms.

She melted into him, trying to kiss him, but he turned his head away.

"Uh-uh. Not until you’ve brushed your teeth, kiddo. Your breath smells awful. "

Her hands flew to her mouth, remembering the vomit.

What the hell did he expect after that, minty fresh?

He grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, holding her tight, and kissed her neck.

Susan felt his dick slide up the inside of her leg, and she pushed her ass against him, bending over, reaching for him between her legs. She gripped his cock, marveling at how big he was, and guided him to her pussy.

This is what she’d been waiting for all fucking day.

She spread her legs wide and braced her hands on the tile wall of the shower, arching her back to give him better access to her body.

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   He grabbed her around her waist, and she gasped as he pushed into her.

"Oh God!"

Susan pushed her ass against him, urging him on. It hurt, but her pussy was so relaxed from her day of masturbating that he slid right in. She felt him cup her breasts and pull her closer to him.

He kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear:

"Whose little bitch are you, Sue? Are you my little bitch?"

She managed to lick her lips and nod as she ground her ass against his crotch.

"I want you to say it, Sue. I want to hear you say it. "

Susan touched his face, ran her hand through his wet hair as she shower poured down on them. She tipped her head as he nuzzled the soft flesh of her neck.

She licked her lips again.

"I’m yours Matt. "

"All mine?"

She nodded blissfully.

"All yours. I’m. .

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  . all y-yours. Your l-l-little bitch. "

Her orgasm flooded over her, and she felt her own hot juice running down her legs as Matt, her man, slowly, gently fucked her from behind.


Afterwards, they toweled each other dry, and he let her brush his hair. Susan liked the way he looked naked. He was tall and his body was tan and rugged and hard, with a light dusting of hair around his groin and chest, on his arms and legs.

Susan mentally compared him with her husband, and suddenly decided she had no idea why she’d ever been attracted to Mike. He was just never her type, except for maybe his intellect. Physically, Matt was so much bigger than Mike - in every way. Even now, soft and flaccid, his cock was massive. She ran her finger the length of him and cupped his balls. They were soft and heavy in her hand. She thought carrying that load around must be uncomfortable.

Susan jumped a little as his cock throbbed, then grinned at him.

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"What do you do when you get horny?"

He looked at her with a goofy smile.

"You mean like a few minutes ago?"

She blushed.

"No, no, I mean, when you’re dressed. How do you. . . you know. . . carry it?"

"Oh. . . " He nodded. "It likes to ride straight up, but it pretty much does whatever it wants to do, and pokes wherever it wants to poke. "

"Don’t you.

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  . . I don’t know, have any control?"

He grinned. "Over my dick? Not a bit. "

Mike did the same thing. "

Matt grinned again. Sometimes he wondered that himself.

"Maybe it is. "

"Does it make you do stuff?"

Matt blinked at her, and took the hairbrush from her.

"Like what?"

She shrugged and reached for her toothbrush.

"I don’t know. Like. . . like.


  . . " she shook her head again. "I don’t know. Mike used to say that all men thought with their dicks. "

He grinned again, giving her an odd look.

"Wow. What a vocabulary. When did Miss Little Goodie-Goodie start swearing?"

Susan thought about that as she squirted some toothpaste onto the brush and ran it under the faucet.

"Apparently about a day ago, right after we had lunch together. "

"Huh. And it’s all my fault, I take it?"

She grinned and pressed her ass into him again.

Matt quietly brushed her hair while she scrubbed her teeth. She enjoyed the feel of his cock pressed against her, suddenly feeling a little horny again.

He set the brush on the counter as she rinsed her mouth and turned back to him, smiling.



"There. " She showed him her teeth, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Better?"

He picked her up and kissed her, and she closed her eyes as he cupped her ass and sat her down on the counter.

"Better," he agreed.

Susan felt something poking against her crotch, and looked down to see his dick, hard and throbbing again, pushing into her.

"I thought we needed to go," she whispered.

"It’s okay, everybody can wait for us.

Everybody, who? She wondered.

He kissed her, and she wrapped her legs around his ass, pulling him to her.

"Just one more for the road. "

Her body twitched as he entered her, and she knocked her toothbrush clattering into the sink.

"Okay. Just. . .

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  o-one. . . m-m-more. . . "

Unbelievable, Susan thought. I’m still. . . horny.

Her pussy was burning up, and little beads of moisture still dripped down her legs.

She shook her head.

Here I am, she thought, naked with a man I barely know, who’s just fucked me silly twice - hell, almost choked me to death with his cock - after spending all day playing with myself, and I can’t get enough.

It was beyond anything she’d ever experienced.

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   It was like an overwhelming physical need.

Matt had just stepped into the bedroom after they’d finished their last bout of lovemaking, leaving her in the bathroom.

Something in her body screamed at her the minute he left the room and Susan had a completely irrational, crazy feeling that he was going to leave. She bolted out of the bathroom after him, and almost knocked him over as he bent over and picked up his clothes.

The sight of him bent over with his ass in the air sent the room spinning around her, and she had to grab him to keep from falling down.

"Hey!" he laughed at her as she clutched him in a panic.

This definitely isn’t normal, she thought.

Matt was more right than he knew when he called her a goody-two-shoes. Until Mike, she’d only had a couple boyfriends during high school and college. She never had the time, or any interest, really. And those didn’t stay around very long, after they learned that her education and then her career came first, before anything else.

She’d been a virgin until her senior year in college, until a friend invited her to a party in the football dorm with him.

Susan closed her eyes at the memory. He’d given her a cup of punch, telling her that she didn’t have to drink if she didn’t want to. The punch was good, and she’d actually started to wind down and enjoy herself. 

   A cup or two later, though, and the party was swimming around her, and her ‘friend’ had her pinned to a couch, ripping at her clothes.

She woke up two days later, back at her room, naked and alone, looking and feeling a lot like she had when she woke up this morning. Even now, she had no idea how many times she’d been raped while she was unconscious, or how she got back to her dorm.

Later, Susan learned that she wasn’t the only girl invited to the parties and molested. In fact, it was a party ritual: every weekend, a couple girls who weren’t with the jock click were lured to the party and drugged, then raped, by whoever wanted them over a period of a couple days.

They were just another party favor.

Susan reasoned that she was lucky; she never got pregnant, never caught any diseases. The whole experience was awful, but she never reported it, and could only remembered bits of what happened.

It was her one dirty secret, her shame.

Susan kept it to herself, never telling anyone. Instead, she used the experience to motivate herself, and eventually, she managed to turn it into a positive, a good thing. She’d finished at the top of her law class, and she met Mike at his father’s firm, after she’d been hired to manage their corporate accounts.

Mike pursued her for months until she broke down and started to date him. And Susan had tried to forget the rape when they finally made love, when they decided to get married and have children.

She tried, but it was always at the back of her mind, and never quite went away.

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   It defined her emotionally and she built her career on the seed of what happened to her. It had slowly poisoned her relationship with Mike, and her kids…

But now, with Matt. . .

She knew she wasn’t being herself. The coincidences were so strong. . .

Susan wondered again if somehow she’d been drugged.

But it still didn’t make sense. All the sex/rape drugs she’d ever heard of in the course of her work didn’t make you. . . excited. They knocked you out, or at best just made you incapable of any action.

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   And not for more than a few hours or so. . .

Maybe she’d just got drunk. And whatever inhibitions she had hit the wind when he took her home. After all, she’d been the one to actually pull him into the house last night.

Susan shook her head a little. She’d definitely lost her inhibitions. Letting him fuck her on her bathroom counter? Mike could barely get her to spread her legs for him in bed, much less in the shower or anywhere else.

She picked up Matt’s shirt, and he let her dress him. She used the chance to explore his body. When she finally buckled his belt, locking away his penis, she felt a moment of…what? Something that twisted in her stomach. Loss?


She kissed him through his pants. Maybe she just liked him.

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   Susan sighed, and he grinned at her.

"Don’t worry. Remember, I promised you all the sex you can handle tonight. "

It was like he could read her mind. She patted his crotch and stood up.

"Your turn. "

She pulled open her dresser and rustled through her clothes.

"What should I wear? Jeans? I haven’t been out to a movie in a long time. "

"Ah-ah-ah. No-no-no. No jeans. " He pulled her away and sat her on the bed. "I told you I was going to get you ready, you just sit tight. "

He stepped back and looked at her.


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   I dig the prim schoolteacher look you’ve got going, but we’re gonna sex you up a little. Where’s your best lingerie?"

Susan grinned and pointed to the top drawer of her dresser.

"In here?" She nodded and Matt opened the drawer. She saw him whistle to himself.

"Do you actually wear this stuff?" He pulled out a lacy white satin bra, and a black garter belt with a pair of black silk stockings.

Susan blushed.

"Yeah, but not because. . . I mean, I like to feel pretty. You don’t like them?"

Matt cocked his eyebrow and knelt by her feet.

"What’s not to like? Call me an old fashioned chauvinist, but I think women should dress like this all the time. "

He slipped the garter belt up her legs and Susan lifted her hips off the bed to help him.


He grinned. "You bet.

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   Old Hugh got it right. "

She was confused.


"No, ‘Hugh’.

She groaned. "Stop that. I mean, who are you talking about?"

"You ever read Playboy?"

She shook her head.

"Are you kidding?"

He grinned again.

"Well, Hugh - Hef - makes all the women who pose for the magazine look very soft and sweet. I’ve had a lingerie fetish since I was a kid. "

He rolled up her stockings and she closed her eyes as he slipped them up her thighs. She’d forgotten how cool and smooth the silk felt against her skin. He attached the stockings to the belt with their little clamps, and pulled her to her feet.

"Keep your arms up. Just like that. "

He pulled the bra straps over her arms and reached around her to clasp the back.

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   She kissed his neck as she felt him struggle with the snaps, and giggled at him.

"Hey, look, don’t mock me, I prefer leaving these things on," he said, grinning back at her. "Or I just rip ‘em off. I’m not a pro at putting them on, especially when I can’t see what I’m doing. "

Susan pushed him away and reached behind her back, snapping the hooks into place. She adjusted the straps and cupped her breasts for him.

She remembered a line her son had used on his girlfriend.

"Daddy like?"

Matt laughed and pinched her ass.

"Very perky. "

He pulled a black slip out of the drawer, and she leaned against him as she stepped into it.

"Okay. Skirts and blouses," he asked as he settled it around her waist.

She pointed again. "Um, there and there. " He bent over and searched through the drawers.


   "Uh, Matt, what about panties?"

He looked up at her and shook his head.

"Nope. "

"But. . . "

He stood up, holding a white silk blouse and a black skirt.

"I said no. " He shook out the blouse. "Now give me your hands. "

He slipped the blouse on and buttoned it to the bottom of her breasts, leaving the collar open and showing off her cleavage, and then he buttoned the cuffs around her wrists. She could just make out the soft, lacy outline of her bra through the gauzy material of the blouse.

He shook out the skirt for her and she stepped into it, letting him pull it over her hips, and she helped him tuck in her blouse while he zipped her up. She started to finish buttoning her front, but he smacked her hand.


"Stop it, then. " He looked her up and down.



She opened a carved wood box on the dresser, and she grinned when he found her favorite pearl earrings. She felt another small tingle shoot through her body when he put them on for her.

"There’s a necklace that goes with these. . . " She stopped as he shook his head.

"Good idea, but no again. Do you have a jacket that matches that skirt?"

Susan opened her walk-in closet and searched through her clothes. She pulled out a black jacket and slipped it on. Matt stopped her as she tried to button it.

"Leave it alone. " He looked in the closet. "All right. Now shoes. You have any high heels?"

She pulled out a pair of black pumps and slipped them on.

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"Perfect. "

She turned on the overhead light and looked at herself in the mirror at the back of the closet. Matt held her hands, and she spun for him.

"Okay, just two little things. "


Matt held her left hand and slowly pulled off her wedding ring.

"We get rid of this. "

A flash of guilt ran through her as he tossed it casually onto the floor.

"Oh! Matt, that was. . . "

"Nothing. That was your old life. " He cupped her chin in his hand, made her look him in the eye. "Whose bitch are you?"


He shook her a little.

"I said, 'whose bitch are you?'"

Fear ran through her for a second, until she remembered the shower.

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"I’m your little bitch," she said quietly.

He grinned and grabbed his jacket, pulled something out of his pocket.

"Good. Turn around. "

He faced her towards her mirror and stood behind her.

"Hold your hair up, out of the way. "

She folded her hair over the top of her head, and a prickling, burning sensation ran through her as he buckled a thick, heavy leather collar around her neck. He put it on tight, and she ran the tip of her finger around its edge.

"There. Now you’re mine. "

She stared at him.

"What are you talking about?"

The look on his face scared her a little. He looked at his watch.

"Come on. We need to go. 



She was horny again, squirming around in her seat, playing with the collar around her neck.

What the hell did he mean, ‘now you’re mine’?

When she asked him again, Matt just smiled at her and said, "Shhh. You’ll see. "

So damn weird. But she was definitely ready again, wet and waiting. She had been ever since he buckled on the collar.

The whole business was baffling, and Susan was so distracted, she never thought to ask where they were going, or what they were going to see, until Matt backed into a parking spot and turned off the car.

"Here we are. "

He got out and walked around to her side of the car, holding out his hand for her. He helped her out and she looked around.

Susan recognized this place.

They’d driven to one of the oldest sections of town, to the oldest movie house in the state, the Carver Theater. About fifteen years ago, when all the multi-plex theaters started popping up around town, business here had slowed enough that the old owner had sold the Carver for what pittance he could, and the new owner had turned it into a porno house, showing movies for the trench-coat-pervert-kiddie-rapist crowd.

This was one of the places her bill, when it passed, would help get shut down.

"You’ve got to be kidding me.

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"C’mon. Trust me. "

Matt pulled her reluctantly across the street, to the box office, where a fat, bald man sat, smoking a cigar.

"Two, please. Main theater. "

Susan was shaking her head. Something about this felt really bad. A warning bell went off - No no no no no - screaming in her head, and the fat man seemed to blur behind the haze of smoke swirling around in the booth.

"That’ll be Fi’teen bucks. "

Susan clutched Matt’s arm and the world seemed to spin around her as Matt handed the fat man a twenty dollar bill. The fat man gave him a five and a couple old-fashioned ticket stubs back.

"Good choice, Sonny. "

He winked, and gave Susan a nasty, wicked grin.

"Enjoy the show. "

Susan could hear him laughing as Matt pulled her inside.

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   They passed a concession counter, where a skinny man missing his front teeth was busy picking his nose.

Matt examined the selection and turned to her.

"Do you want something to drink, or some popcorn?"

She stared at Matt. He seemed to be having a good time.

The skinny man pulled something green and elastic from his nose.

"Oh, God. No!"

Matt shrugged at the skinny man, who rolled his treasure between his thumb and forefinger.

"Nothin’?" He asked.

"Nope. Guess not. "

"Thuit yourthelf," he lisped, and flicked the booger into the popcorn. He leaned over the counter and grinned at Susan as Matt led her to a door. "Hey, don’ worry, ‘hon. It juth addth flavor. "

Susan shuddered, and Matt opened the door and ushered her into a noisy theater.

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   She stopped short, letting her eyes get accustomed to the gloom.

The theater was huge, with a balcony above them.

Susan guessed there were about thirty or forty rows of seats running up from the old fashioned stage below the movie screen in the front of the theater. Each row was split into three columns, with about ten seats down the middle and four on each end. She had no idea how many the balcony held.

At least seven hundred seats, and every one looked taken. A loud, excited murmur filled the theater like a strange aura of expectation.

Susan looked around, flabbergasted.

"What are we here for?"

"It’s a special surprise. "

What the hell is so special about this place, she wondered. She knew the building was so old it was on a list as a state monument. Maybe this was a benefit to renovate the theater.

"Your tickets, sir. "

Susan jumped as a huge man, who looked as hairy as a bear and was dressed in an old-fashioned usher’s uniform, detached himself from the wall behind them.

Matt handed him their tickets, and the tall man shined a flashlight on them.

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"Right this way, sir. "

The creepy usher led them down the aisle.

She snuck her hand through Matt’s arm, for some reason not wanting to leave him even for a second. The loud buzz of voices she heard when they stepped inside quieted to a hush. Susan knew it was just her imagination, but she felt every eye on them as they sat down.

The sudden quiet was overwhelming. Susan felt something like awe directed towards Matt as he settled in, and a barely restrained animosity towards her.

Her little warning bell amped up, but Matt seemed completely relaxed. He smiled at the smelly, stinky creep sitting next to him and they struck up a conversation.

She tried to take in what she could in the gloom as the volume of voices around her slowly rose.

The stage looked real, probably left over from when the building actually had live performances. A small stairwell at each end of the aisles led up to the stage floor and the movie screen. It looked like there was an old, ratty mattress thrown up there, along with some chains and other junk. The room stank of unwashed bodies, stale alcohol, and worse; everybody around her looked like a bum, and they all seemed to be leering drunkenly at her.

If Matt hadn’t been here with her, she would have run screaming from the room.

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A scrawny old man sitting to her left gave her a gap-toothed grin, and she leaned against Matt, as far away from the smelly man as possible. Matt smiled at her and patted her thigh, tickling the inside of her leg with his fingers. She felt a little rush of excitement at his touch, and she was instantly wet.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"We should’ve stayed home. "

He laughed a little and she moved his hand up her thigh, until it rested on her soft, curly mound. Susan felt her breath catch and she squirmed a little as his hand gently massaged her under her skirt.

God, she thought wistfully, it’s been less than an hour, and all I want to do is fuck him again. I’d even do him in his car.

The room spun around her as Matt’s finger slipped into her pussy, slowly sliding in and out. She closed her eyes and leaned her head on his shoulder, spreading her legs a little for him.

He played with her, and Susan wondered what it would be like trying to have sex with him in his little BMW. Her Lexus would be a lot easier. It was so much roomier. .

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  . her eyes popped open as she realized that she’d left her car in Matt’s parking lot.

The scrawny old man next to her cackled wetly, coughing up a chunk of phlegm that he spit onto the floor. Susan stared at the man until she realized he was watching Matt rub her pussy.

Oh God, what am I doing?

She grabbed Matt’s hand and pushed it away, slapping her legs together and bolting straight up in her seat. Matt looked at her, surprised, and the scrawny man pointed to his hand and gave Matt a thumbs up.

Susan stared at the stage, blushing furiously as the scrawny man elbowed her arm and wiggled his eyebrows at her.

Matt just grinned and rubbed her thigh again.

His touch seemed to calm her down a bit. Susan started to relax as the fat man from the ticket booth was led down the aisle by the huge usher. He climbed the stairs to the stage, and the crowd applauded him. He bowed with a flourish, taking a microphone from the usher, who stepped back into the shadows.

The fat man tapped the microphone, sending a loud whine through the speaker system, and he grinned at his audience.

"Is this thing on?"

The lights dimmed even further, and the screen in back of him flickered to life. The fat man’s image loomed over the crowd.



Susan stared, then blinked, and stared again.

The man’s image on the movie screen was clear as day. But the real man, standing just a few feet in front of her, kept blurring in and out of focus, just like he had when he sold Matt his tickets.

Susan looked away. The rest of the crowd didn’t seem to notice. They just stared up at the stage, laughing at the man’s stupid jokes. Susan closed her eyes and shook her head. She’d assumed that all the smoke in the little booth had obscured her vision before, but now she wasn’t so sure. He still chomped on a cigar, and she could make that and the microphone out fine, but his face was just a dark, black blur.

Susan felt a knot of fear grow deep in her belly. Then she realized he was talking about her.

"And I’d like to welcome a special couple to tonight’s show. My buddy, Matt (a loud round of applause for Matt, who grinned), who you all know organized this little shin-dig, and his. . .


   (Susan saw the man’s face clearly for a second, then it melted away until she could just see his eyes, his shiny, beady little black eyes glaring down at her) . . . lovely, lovely new friend, the reason we’re all here, your State Rep. , Ms. Susan Manning!"

Oh, God! He didn’t just say her name, did he?

Panic surged through Susan as the man linked her with Matt. She felt her carefully constructed career suddenly slipping away.

And then she realized that he’d said ‘Ms. ’ Not ‘Mrs. Susan Manning’ - ‘Ms. Susan Manning’. The irrational feeling of dread bubbled up and over, making her shiver.

Up on stage, the fat man was waving in their direction.

"Matt, why don’t you come on up and tell us what we’re going to be seeing tonight. "

Susan couldn’t speak.

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   She grabbed at Matt, not wanting him to leave her, but her hands groped at air as he stood up and waved, then bounded up the stairs to the stage to a standing ovation. The usher handed Matt another microphone, and he grinned out at the crowd. The fat man held up his hands, and the applause gradually settled down.

Matt cleared his throat.

"I’m sure you’re all excited to get the movie under way, but I’ll give you a quick introduction. What you’re about to see is a quick cut of footage that we shot last night, so Melvin and I will narrate as we go along. " He shaded his eyes with his hand and looked up towards the projection booth. "Let’s get rolling, shall we?"

Susan hugged herself, crossing her arms under her breasts, and tried to sink back into her seat.

What the hell could this be? After two nights of complete weirdness, Susan thought she was ready for anything.

She was wrong.


The sound of a projector turning clicked away from in back of the theater, and the screen went dark, fading into a shot of a teenage girl, sobbing hysterically and running for her life through a rough-hewn, rocky tunnel.

The film was shot from what looked like a series of video cameras mounted on the walls and roof of the tunnels. It cut choppily from one position to another as the girl ran, turning corners, moving from one tunnel to the next.

The girl was naked except for a few clothes that were ripped and torn. And just steps behind her, an impenetrable black mass of rolling, tentacled shadows pursued her.

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The girl caromed off a wall and fell, sliding on a rough, concrete floor. She scrambled with her feet and shot forward again, running full-tilt into a heavy door.

Susan got a good look at the girls face as she jerked the door open, and her hand shot to her mouth.

"Oh God. "

Susan’s hand trembled as she recognized the poor girl, her face a mask of fear as she ran from whatever was chasing her.


Even as she said her name, Susan knew. The girl on the screen was her daughter.

Matt’s voice cut through the fog of fear that had settled around her, and Susan looked at him, happily smiling down at her from the stage.

"She’s really quite pretty when she’s frightened, isn’t she Sue? I never thought she was attractive before, but watching her now, well. . . "

Matt paused, and on screen, Rachel threw her slim body against the heavy door, pushing it shut. She was in a dark warehouse, and she turned and cringed like a trapped animal as rows of floodlights snapped on, one by one.

"Here’s our big scene, everybody. " Matt told his audience. 


Rachel leaned against the door, panting with terror, as a circle of a dozen muscular, naked men wearing nothing but black leather bondage masks closed in around her. In the middle of the circle, two more men, naked and leashed with heavy chains, frantically clawed the air at the sight of her.

Susan felt her world tilt at the sight of her husband and her son Todd, Their faces were twisted almost beyond recognition, and they pulled frantically at the chains keeping them from Rachel.

Rachel tried to run again, jumping into the wall of naked men who pushed her into the middle of the circle. She jumped back, whimpering, as her father snatched at her leg.

And then the masked men let him loose.

Susan almost fell out of her seat as she watched her husband attack her daughter, pulling her down and pinning her to the floor. Rachel was screaming as he rolled her onto her stomach and pried her legs open. He wedged himself between her legs, his penis hard and jutting straight out, and he fell on her.

The fat man chortled into his microphone. "She doesn’t look too excited to see her dad, does she?"

The men around Susan chuckled, and Susan felt tears roll down her cheeks as her husband brutally ripped into Rachel, groping and biting as he raped her.

And then the masked men let her son free.

"Can we get some sound for this?" Matt asked from the stage.

Speakers around the theater crackled to life, and Susan covered her ears as Rachel’s screams mixed with the cheers from the crowd.

Todd tried to shove his father off Rachel, and for a second, Susan thought he was trying to help her.

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But Mike held on and Todd rolled them over until Rachel was splayed out on top of her father with her legs spread wide open, and Todd grabbed her arms as she feebly tried to fight him off. The cameraman angled his shot from behind Todd, so the entire theater could see Rachel’s face and her crotch as her brother penetrated her.

The crowd cheered again, and Susan screamed along with her daughter as Todd took her in two, quick thrusts.

Susan tried to stand and run, but strong hands grabbed her from behind and wrapped in her hair, pulling her back into her seat.

"You think you’re leavin’?" a voice from behind her growled. "You ain't goin’ anywhere until Matt or Melvin says you can, you fuckin’ bitch. "

Susan choked as her dog collar was yanked tight against her throat, and she heard the clink of a chain and a metallic ‘click’, then someone gave two, short jerks against her new leash. He pulled her hair and bent her head back over the seat as someone took Matt’s chair.

"We wanna play wi’tcha for a while, bitch. " The man behind her pointed at the movie screen. "’Sides, this shit is just gettin’ good. You don’t wanna miss the end. Uh-uh, nossir. "

He let her hair go, and Susan tried to unbuckle her collar.

"Bad idea, bitch!"

The man behind her smacked the back of her head hard enough that Susan saw a white flash of light, and then her arms were yanked over her head.

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   Susan felt cold metal slap around her wrists, and she cried out as her hands were pulled down behind her back, raising her slightly out of her seat and forcing her to bend backwards at the waist to alleviate some of the pressure.

She heard the scrawny old bum next to her chortle, and she gasped as she felt rough, callused hands running over her body, grabbing at her breasts and ripping her blouse open. Susan screamed as the man that sat next to her pulled her bra down under her breasts, then leaned over and sucked at her nipple.

"Oh God, no. . . !"

She kicked and twisted in her seat, and he bit down hard, sending a bolt of pain lancing through her chest. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched the scrawny old man to her left unzip his pants and pull out his penis, and then he was leaning over her too, licking his lips and running a cold hand under her skirt and up her thigh to her pussy.

On screen, Todd and Mike had developed a rhythm, both their faces scrunched tight as they fucked Rachel.

They had rolled onto their sides with Rachel sandwiched between them, and Mike thrust into her ass, forcing her forward onto Todd, and then Todd pounded into his sisters pussy, forcing her body back against her father.

The man behind Susan held her still, with her hands pinned behind her back and his hand tangled in her hair, forcing her to watch her daughter’s rape. The men who were sitting around her stood and started to line up to take the place of the two men pawing and biting at her body.

Matt and the other men on stage grinned down at her, and Susan squeezed her eyes shut.

"Ah-ah-ah, Susan. You need to see this.

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   Homer, make sure she keeps her eyes open, please. "

The man behind her hit her head, over and over. Susan bit her lip and squeezed her eyes together, tears of pain and fear rolling down her face, until the man covered her forehead with his hand and pried her eyelids open with his fingers.

"You do what Matt tells you, bitch! You un’nerstand?"

The scrawny man wrapped one of his legs around hers, forcing her legs open, and was finger-fucking Susan, jabbing his fingers into her pussy as the other man sucked her tits and jacked off in his pants.

On stage, Melvin was sweating like a pig, and his dick was ready to explode. Fuck this shit. Time to get the real show on the road, he thought.


His voice boomed over the speakers. All heads turned his way.

"Homer, why don’t you escort our new friend up here, if you please, before her suitors take their turns a little early. Manny, will you help carry her up?"

The huge usher appeared, looming over Susan, picked her up like she was a sack of potatoes and threw her easily over her shoulder. Her view spun and she got her first view of the man behind her - Homer - as he handed Manny her leash and climbed over her chair.

Susan gasped with shock.

Homer was a burn victim. He was hairless, and his nose and ears were completely missing.

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   The flesh of his face had melted down over his eyes and mouth, and both his face and hands were covered with mottled, angry red scar tissue.

He leered at her and climbed over her chair. Most of the crowd followed them as Manny carried Susan up the steps to the stage.

On screen, Mike was pounding Rachel’s ass in a frenzy, and he let out a bellow as he came, squeezing her little breasts from behind. When he finished, he rolled off, his hands leaving red splotches across her chest. Todd pushed Rachel to the floor, pinning her hands against the concrete, and fucked her hard enough to make her titties bounce. Todd was pounding his sister so hard he popped out of her as he came, and squirted cum all over the dark triangle of hair covering her little pink pussy.

He collapsed, senseless, on top of her, and the screen went dark.

Manny dropped Susan to her knees on the stage, yanking her leash hard until she choked and kneeled in front of Matt and Melvin.

Melvin bent over her and grabbed her chin in his thick hand. Susan tried to focus on his beady, black eyes as his face swam in and out of focus around them.

His fleshy lips parted in an emotionless grin, and Susan shook uncontrollably as a spasm of lust flooded through her.

"Did you like the movie we made for you?"

Susan felt her pussy get wet at the sound of his voice, and she would have collapsed if Manny hadn’t grabbed the chain linking her handcuffs and held her up by her arms.

"Wh-what did you do to them?" She stammered.

His wicked grin spread further across his face.

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   Susan wondered why she could see that, and his eyes, so clearly, when the rest of him was like a swirling, black cloud, sneaking around the edge of her vision.

"We drugged them, of course, just like you. "


He smiled and gestured at Matt.

"I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past day or two how strangely. . . excited you’ve felt. Even now, with these awful men touching you, after what you’ve seen what happened to your family, I’m sure you’re wet and ready for action. Shall we check? Hmm?"

Melvin slipped his hand into her open blouse and cupped her breast. Susan shivered with excitement.

Suddenly, everything fell into place. She glared at Matt, who grinned back at her.

"You did this to me?"

Matt nodded as Melvin yanked her blouse open, giving the men gathering around her a better view of her breasts.

"Matt just slipped you a few small doses of the same drug we gave your family. It’s highly addictive, by the way.

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   You’ll find that you need to ingest at least a small dose every day, or. . . " He shrugged. "It also has some other, unusual effects. For example, imprinting. Baby birds, when hatched, bond with the first creature they see. With this drug, females who take it experience almost immediate and overwhelming arousal. It’s a perfect date-rape drug, we’ve found. The female is usually conscious and very responsive, at least for a small amount of time. The imprinting happens during sex right after the drug is first taken. And the arousal grows exponentially over time, until satiated. "

Melvin grinned.

"Unfortunately, for the female, only the person she was with during the imprinting can actually fulfill the urge. " He patted her face again.


   "I bet you had quite an afternoon, hey? Spent most of it whacking your clam, until Matt came to pick you up?"

Melvin slid his hands down her body and rucked her skirt over her hips. Susan heard the material rip and tear, and a loud cheer went up from the men around her as her naked ass was exposed.

"I think they approve of your choice of clothing, my dear. "

Melvin ran his hand over her ass and fingered her asshole. He cupped her pussy with his other hand, and Susan closed her eyes in shame as her body responded to him.

"Perfect. Ready and waiting. "

Susan bit her lip as he played with her. He patted her crotch and stood up.

Her voice was husky. "What did you do with my family? Where are they?"

He sighed and lit another cigar.

"Well. As you may have noticed, the drug is not so kind to men. Not kind at all. " He shook out his match.


   "And you, my dear, you have been a very bad girl. As a public servant, you have made many, many of my friends very angry over the recent legislature you’ve proposed. Matt here cooked up a little plan so you can apologize and actually put your job to use benefiting those who you have slandered and disgraced by your conservative muck-raking. "

He gestured to the usher.

"Manny, this would be a good time to introduce Susan to our friends. If you would be so kind as to let them in?"

"Sure, thing. " Manny grunted and pushed through the crowd. Melvin turned back to Susan.

"And as for your husband. Well, he simply owns most of this town, and most of what he has, I want. " He grinned. "Your daughter is fine. " He gestured at the screen with his cigar. "And I think she’s going to be a big star, if she keeps giving us performances like the one we just watched. Don’t you boys?"

The men packed on stage cheered again.

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"You’re probably wondering how we got to them. Well. Apparently, your daughter had quite the crush on our friend Matt here, and it was a simple thing to get her to let us into the house. " He shrugged and smoked. "Truthfully, they didn’t put up much of a fight. We drugged your daughter first, and we let her live her little fantasy about Matt. I understand she was, well, pure?"

He looked at Matt.

"Pure and virginal. "

Melvin grinned.

"Pure as snow. Now, your husband was kind enough to show us his will, though not without a little prodding. Did you know that your little Rachel and her brother stand to inherit everything?" He lowered his voice and spit out a chunk of tobacco. "Everything. Not a bit left over for you though, my dear, when your husband passes on. Must be very exciting for your children, I would think.

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   Well. I can’t see why we would need your son, though, since Rachel is now imprinted to Matt. So. . . "

A growing sense of horror built in Susan as Melvin spoke.

"It seems your family was going to take a little vacation to the mountains. You may not know this, but your husband seems to have had a teensy drinking problem. "

Melvin’s face drifted apart and when it melted together again, his grin was feral.

"In a week, or a month - sometime soon - the authorities will get a quick phone call, detailing an accident. " He waved at the movie screen with his cigar. "And I thought it only fair to give your husband and son a nice little, well, send off. "

The crowd parted as Susan stared at Melvin in horror. The usher pushed back through, followed by a dozen masked and naked men. They pushed the crowd back, and several of the masked men with video cameras positioned themselves around Susan. 


The screen overhead blinked back to life, and Susan saw an image of herself looming overhead, completely surrounded by hundreds of evil, vile looking men.

"Y-you killed them?"

Melvin puffed happily, his body fading in and out of her vision.

"I’m afraid so, dear. You see, well, we need your daughter, for obvious reasons. But she’s not yet of age to claim her inheritance. You have, unofficially, become the guardian of her estate. And so, since I don’t have the patience to sit and wait, and despite the annoyance you’ve become with your meddling politics, I need to keep you alive, at least for a while. And luckily for you, Matt managed to convince me you’ll be much more valuable to me in your office than in the ground. So. . . "

He patted her face.

"I’m going to give you the chance, over the next few days, to personally give a very special apology to each and every gentleman here, who, afterwards, I believe will be more than happy to vote for you at the next election. "

Melvin fished a tiny key from his pocket and unlocked her handcuffs. Two of the naked men immediately grabbed her wrists.

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"So I will keep supplying you and your daughter with your daily fix. And to keep her safe, you will happily administer your daughter’s estate as I see fit, and you will exercise your political influence and social standing among those new friends of ours who may not yet see eye to eye with my. . . special needs, shall we say?"

He clapped his hands and looked around.

"Well! Matt, I sense the natives are getting restless. I think it’s time we share this bitch with our friends here. " Melvin unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. "I think I’ll indulge myself as well. "

Susan screamed in horror. Instead of the cock she expected, a huge, black slimy monstrosity slithered out towards her.

Melvin grinned at Matt and grabbed Susan by the back of her head.

"You gonna stick around?"

Matt shook his head.

"I think I’m going to pay another visit to her daughter, but I’ll see you in a couple days. Here.

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  . . " Matt tossed Melvin a round metal ring. "In case she bites. "

Melvin grinned and pried open Susan’s mouth. He shoved the ring in, making her gag.

"Let’s make a movie!" he roared.


Manny and Homer followed as Roscoe helped Matt push through the crowd.

He paused at the door to the lobby, and turned to watch the crowd swarm over Susan. On the screen above, Melvin was forcing his cock into her wide-open mouth.

Something wasn’t right, and Matt couldn’t put his finger on it.

"You okay boss?" Manny clapped his shoulder with a hand the size of a small ham.

He shook his head and looked at Roscoe.

"Where’s Rachel?"

Roscoe licked his lips through the gap where his front teeth should’ve been.

"She’s on a plane to California, justh like you asthked.

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Matt nodded. "Good. I want her as far away from here as possible. "

"She gonna live with your other little fuck-girls down there?"

Matt nodded.

"You really make her take those drugs?" Manny wondered.

"No. "

Homer tilted his head toward the stage. "Melvin wanted you to. "

Matt considered how much to tell these three. He’d known Roscoe and Manny for some time now, but Homer was a new member of Roscoe’s crew.

"Yeah. But why?"

Manny shrugged.

"I dunno. It’s not like you needed her to. "


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Matt looked back at the screen.

A scrawny old bum had taken Susan from behind and was furiously screwing her in the ass while Melvin fucked her face. Two other men had her hands wrapped around their cocks, forcing her to stroke them, and an assortment of hands groped her body.

The entire crowd of men waited their turn, dicks in hand.

They were all homeless, many of whom Susan’s legislature had displaced, others that had slipped by the police during their sweeps. Even more had just been released from prison. Roscoe and his crew had rounded them up on the night Matt took Susan to dinner, and Matt knew they were as horny as hell. There were hundreds, and Melvin had provided them all with free concessions earlier in the evening, while they waited - everything spiked with a drug cocktail - doping them up for the days ahead.

"You mind if I thtay here and enjoy mythelf?" Roscoe lisped.

"How many other guys do you have here?

Roscoe shrugged. "Maybe ten. Twelve. Somethin’ like that. "

Matt nodded. "Sure.

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   Just try to keep things under control, okay? She’s no good to anybody dead. "

Roscoe patted Matt’s shoulder and grinned.

"Don’ worry. I’ll fuck her twice for ya boss. "

Manny looked at the woman on screen and rubbed at his crotch.

"You want to stay too?" Matt asked.

Manny shook his head.

"Nah. Too many to wait for. I’m gonna go find myself a bar and a ‘Ho, and drink myself stupid. Wanna come along?"

Homer grinned. "Sounds good to me. That bitch’s pussy’s gonna be as wide as the grand canyon in a couple hours. "

"All right. You guys go have fun.

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The huge man clapped Matt on the shoulder again.

"What ‘bout you, boss?"

Matt pushed open the door.

"I’ve got some stuff to take care of. And I’ve got a date to plan with my old sister-in-law. "

Matt watched Roscoe blend into the crowd and took a last look back at Susan as Manny and Homer followed him out the door.


-- To be continued --


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